Monday, April 5, 2010


First thing you should know about me it that I rarely watch TV. Several years ago I discovered that TV and children don’t mix. There was no way I could sit down to watch an hour, or even more daring, a two hour show/movie and expect to not be interrupted…often.

My computer I spend many hours at sits in the mist of my family room, right in the heart of my family’s actives, and TV watching. For whatever reason, someone had turned on AMERICAN IDOL one evening. At the time no one in our family had ever really watched it. It caught my attention and before I knew it…I was hooked! One of the hooks no doubt had been realizing one of the contestants is from the same town my husband works, less then an hour away from our home.

Now each week my IDOL partner, my youngest at seven years of age, and I sit down to watch IDOL together. The other two girls don’t seem to be into it as much as her and I. It’s now become our special time together. Funny how she is the one with a really great voice, always singing EVERYTHING. We talk about her one day being on IDOL.

Not a huge fan of TV, though I do pop in a good DVD/movie now and again while in bed, and after the kids are safely tucked away in their own. I had heard a little about AMERICAN IDOL, and from what I’d heard, I had no interest in ever watching it. From what I gathered, it was all about this guy Simon Cowell, demeaning others. Being rude, and unnecessarily mean. That is so not what I’d want to watch, and thus sending a message that it’s okay.

But what I’ve found is that the show can be very emotional, funny, heartwarming, and entertaining. I have come to learn that Simon, though many times could be more sensitive to how and what he says, is on the whole doing his “job”. And in reality, anyone auditioning should be fully aware of the hurtful things he may say, thus determine whether or not they are up for the challenge.

Another surprise was my view of Ellen DeGeneres. For whatever reason I have never liked her, and I can’t really tell you why other then she just rubbed me the wrong way. I’m also not really into talk shows. As each show ended, I realized I liked her more, and more. She’s truly funny, and sensitive, always careful to tell the truth, yet in a way that doesn’t seem to attack ones self such as Simon.

So we continue to watch AMERICAL IDOL, week after week and root for our “hometown” boy. I love to see each contestant’s growth, both personally and as an artist. What I’ve been reminded once again of is we shouldn’t judge someone until we really get to know who they are.


brenda minton said...

A few years ago Ellen had a sitcom on, (after the first sitcom went off the air). This one had Cloris Leechman. (sp?).
It was funny and really, really clean. Unfortunately it only lasted a couple of months. The more I see her on Idol, the more I like her, too.
great blog!

Kym McNabney said...


I agree. Every time I watch American Idol, Ellen’s actions and comments reaffirm my change of feeling for whom she is and my admiration only grows. If for no other reason but to realize the person Ellen really is, my time has been well spent watching Idol.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.