Friday, September 23, 2011


Title: My One and Only
Author: Kristan Higgins
Publisher: HQN Books; 384 edition (March 29, 2011)
Pages: 384

Reading MY ONE AND ONLY BY KRISTAN HIGGINS was an unexpected shocker. Never having read any of her writing, I'd spotted ALL I EVER WANTED on Amazon, and decided to order it. It's always a risk when you decide to read a book by an unfamiliar author. Before I had a chance to read it, I did what you should never do...I purchased another book by the same author.

Hesitant to read a new author, I finally started ALL I EVER WANTED, but was soon disappointed. Reading mainly inspirational fiction, the offensive language and contemporary life style of the main character had me putting the book down at page twenty. Despite my issues that lead me to stop reading, the great quality of writing, the author's distinct voice, and the potential for a good storyline was all there.

MY ONE AND ONLY sat waiting to be read. I knew sooner or later I'd have to get to it...I just preferred later, sure I would have the same reaction as I had with Kristan's other book. Finally I picked it up, took a deep breath, and began to read the first words.

Right away it had contemporary and sassy written all over it. Mind you I prefer LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRE days. But to be fair I would give it several pages before giving up. I was contemplating putting it down when the main characters boyfriend was revealed to be a firefighter (the same profession as my husband). Another factor that kept me reading, it had a considerably less amount of foul language in compassions to the previous book I had attempted to read of hers.

As I continued to read I wasn't taken by the firefighter, though she did an excellent job with his character. Then without warning, another man entered the scene...Now I was intrigued. From there it only got better!

I was hooked, and hooked in the worse way.

The book I thought I'd put down, I COULDN'T stop reading.

MY ONE AND ONLY is witty, fun, amazingly written with a storyline and characters with such remarkable personalities and growth, you'll be searching for time to read. I just can't say enough about this book. It held my interest, made me laugh, made me cry, and made me want to rush to my computer to write my very own novel of the same caliber.

Harper James is a divorce lawyer and she'll stop at nothing to help her clients. After all she was once married. But it wasn't just a failed marriage that had given her a bad taste of love and marriage. No, there were a whole lot more there below the surface.

Nick Lowery had loved Harper James from the instant he laid eyes on her. He was a man that knew what he wanted, and went after it. Their marriage may have ended in divorce, but that didn't stop Nick from loving Harper.

Can years of separation prevent Harper and Nick from having a future together?

I just loved the direction Kristan took in MY ONE AND ONLY. Not only would I have not changed a thing, she had me pleasantly surprised in the direction she took the story at several places...and had me crying towards the end.

If you're wondering if I'll be purchasing another of KRISTAN HIGGINS books, don't. If fact I may just have to go back and give ALL I EVER WANTED another try.

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