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Title: Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Author: Pamela S Meyers
Publisher: Summerside Press, an imprint of Guideposts (April 1, 2013)
Pages: 320

LOVE FINDS YOU IN LAKE GENEVA, WISCONSIN, by PAMELA S MEYERS, is a good old fashion romance with a touch of mystery, set in 1933. It’s always fun to read a story located in a familiar place, and even more so when it’s one you’ve visited. Though I must admit, my visit as a kid was nothing compared to Meg Alden’s.
Meg Alden works for the town newspaper, and is hoping to gain a spot as a reporter when in waltzes Jack Wallace, dousing any hopes she has for the position. Meg’s not about to let that deter her. When her friend speaks of an opening at a newspaper in California, Meg is willing to start at the bottom and work her way up. At least there, she has a chance of becoming a reporter … doesn’t she?

Jack Wallace’s father thinks he needs to experience a small-town paper before taking over theirs in Chicago. Jack’s immediately drawn to Meg Alden, the woman who works at the said paper his father feels he needs to experience.

Can Jack convince Meg to stay in Lake Geneva? Will Jack go back to the family business in Chicago? And what will happen the opening day of the Riviera!

You didn’t really think I’d reveal any of those answers, did you?

LOVE FINDS YOU IN LAKE GENEVA, WISCONSIN is a fun read, taking you back in time. MS MEYERS unique style of writing includes many great lines that will have you smiling. I loved the reference to the Big Bands, taking me back to my childhood, listening to my grandfather talk about the different bands as he watched The Lawrence Welk Show.

Each time I read the words, The Elgin Club, a trill came over me. I was born and raised in Elgin, I wasn’t familiar with it. After reading MS MEYERS book, I searched the internet for The Elgin Club, and was elated to find a website on it.

I just so happen to be going to Lake Geneva this April, and you can bet one of my stops will be at the Riviera. MS MEYERS has definitely captured my attention, drawing me into the era with the Big Bands and all the hoopla around the opening of the grand Riviera.

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