Sunday, June 16, 2013


Title: The Mountain Between Us
Author: Charles Martin
Publisher: Broadway Books (June 28, 2011)
Pages: 336

THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US is only the second book I've read by author, CHARLES MARTIN. I intent to read each and every one he's written.

Dr. Ben Payne is seated next to a beautiful woman, Ashley Knox, on a plane about to take off. She, heading home for her wedding. He, from a conference. When their plane is delayed, Ben seeks the help of a pilot that owns a private plane. At a last minute thought, he decided to ask Ashley if she'd like to share the ride. Neither of them could have predicted what was to happen next.

The first book I read by CHARLES MARTIN, WRAPPED IN RAIN, blew me away. It was in reading that book that I fell I love with MR MARTIN'S writing. There are books that are fast paced, and those that are slow. THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US I read at a slow, steady pace, yet found it captivating, engaging, moving, and even educational. When I was finished, I felt as if I were better equipped to survive such a situation.
CHARLES MARTIN has an uncanny way of roping in his readers. Once your begin, it's as if you're living inside the pages. His characters are so rich. So life like. You feel every emotion they feel. You experience what they are going through, as if you're going through it yourself.
MR MARTIN is now included in my list of favorite authors. One that I will continually be looking for his next release.


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