Monday, November 18, 2013


Title: The Fireman’s Homecoming
Author: Allie Pleiter
Publisher: Love Inspired (May 21, 2013)
Pages: 224

When I discovered the first book in the Gordon Falls series by ALLIE PLEITER, FALLING FOR THE FIREMAN, I knew I’d be reading the series. A story about a black sheep son, THE FIREMAN’S HOMCOMING didn’t disappoint. If I had to choose between the Gordon Falls books thus far, I’d say THE FIREMAN’S HOMCOMING is my favorite.

Clark Bradens moves back to his hometown after years away to take over his father’s position as fire chief. One may think it was joyfully handed to him, but having been the town’s bad boy, Clark finds himself needing to win over the residence.

Melba Wingate left her life in Chicago to move back to the town she grew up in so she could be there for her ailing father. Believing her biggest hurdle was dealing with her father’s failing health, she is shocked by a secret she discovers. A secret that threatens everything she knows, along with the growing attraction to the town’s former bad boy, Clark Bradens.

If there’s one thing I can count on in a ALLIE PLEITER book, its humor. Not only are they well written, with a wonderful plot, she comes up with so many great lines she’ll have you shaking your head, wondering how she manages to do so.

MS PLEITERS ability to write both historical and contemporary is remarkable. However, I must confess I have a strong fondness for her historical.

THE FIREFIGHTER’S MATCH is the next in the Gordon Falls series and next on my list to read.

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