Thursday, January 16, 2014


Title: Family Lessons (Love Inspired Historical)
Author: Allie Pleiter
Publisher: Love Inspired (April 2, 2013)
Pages: 288

I have read just about every book ALLIE PLEITER has written. If I were asked her strongest attributes, it would have be plot and witty lines.

With eight orphan children yet to be placed, Holly Sanders fears for their lives as bandits attempt to rob the train they are on, bound for Evans Grove, Nebraska.

Sheriff Mason Wright is alerted to a situation on the train by a young boy. When Mason discovers the beautiful Holly Sanders is right in the midst of a robbery, his heart drops to the pit of his gut.

With the trauma of the train robbery behind them, Holly works to place the remaining orphans in Evans Grove. Will she be able to find each of them the loving home they deserve, or will they be sent to the last scheduled town - or worse - back to where their journey began?

MS PLEITER is known for her brilliant storylines, deep and meaningful, if nothing else, unique. FAMILY LESSONS started out with a bang, right in the heart of the drama. As the story unfolded, we get to know the characters. I especially loved Mason’s story, and the connection to the orphan boy’s history, Liam.

Every part of a story is important, and the ending is no exception. A writer can have everything right up until the point of the conclusion, but if they don’t get it right, it can diminish everything before. This was not the case with FAMILY LESSONS. MS PLEITER did an amazing job wrapping up the story. Heartwarming in a way that will have you cheering for the characters.

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