Saturday, November 28, 2009


Checkout my Shelfari bookshelf on by blog. I just love using this website, so I was pretty excited when I recently discovered you can put your self on your blog.

I’ve been recording what books I’ve read for years, even keeping a list of books I’d like to read in the future. Now with Shelfari, I can do exactly that and so much more.

With a click of the mouse, I can see all the books I’ve read, as well as the books I own, and would like to read. I can record the dates I’ve read them, and even write a review.

So, for all of you books lovers, checkout Shelfari.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



I’m repeatedly amazed each time my church incorporated those from the congregation to be baptized during the service. Each time I find myself fighting back the tears. So, when they announced they’d be not just baptizing during one weekend service, but for two consecutive weekends, I thought I was prepared.

The first Sunday I had forgotten they were going to be doing the baptisms. They’d only just begun when tears began to sting my eyes. I blinked, and blinked, but still they threatened to escape. Just when I thought I had it under control, the word of the song being sung sank into my soul, threatening to fill it so full it would burst.

As each person stood next to a pastor or leader of the church, you could see the emotions play out across their face as words were repeated to them, confirming what they were about to do before God and the entire congregation. As they were dipped backward in to the crystal blue water then brought back up, you felt the transformation. There was joy, and tears, and celebration.

Though there were many that were going through the processes, each seemed to reach up to my very soul and grab hold. With each person I relived my own journey from being baptized to where I am now and with that the unshed tears threatening to escape. As the congregation continues to sing songs of worship, I could not for I was too filled with emotions to form the words.

By the time the baptisms were completed, I was an emotional wreck.

The following week I walked into the auditorium, took my usual seat and waited for the service to begin. I had completely forgotten it was the second weekend of the baptisms. Oh well, I should be fine for I had witnessed it only last weekend.

When they began my emotions were no less held together then the week before. Once again I was filled with joy, love, hope, thankfulness…WOW, God is good! What a blessing to witness such an amazing experience.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


The dreaded DEADLINE!

Here I was worried about meeting a deadline, when the time finally arrives and I hit the jackpot, receiving a contact to publish my book. With my busy, busy life I often wondered how on earth I’d be able to meet such a said time frame.

Over the past few months I’ve entered a couple of contest, and given a couple of assignments for my church blog. And with them came the dreaded DEADLINE! But to my surprise, I was able to meet them. And to my even bigger surprise, I discovered that in not having a deadline, I was lost…not as focused on writing.

Writing is a discipline. A discipline one needs to learn and maintain in order to get the job done…or in this case, the story completed.

Oh, how the story burns inside me but to my horror, I’ve discovered I need to go back to square one, so to speak. Get down the basics. I can feel I’m on the verge of connecting the dots, if you will. And once I do…watch out!

So for now, I’m a bit lost/setback. But never fear, once again I’ve gained a bit more knowledge…I can and will meet a deadline!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Just got back from a Prison & Jail meeting. Met two wonderful women doing amazing work for the Lord. They're on the verge of opening up a house for woman getting out of priosn or jail. Please check out their website and what they’re all about. They’re a non-profit organization, so your cash donations are tax deductable. They’re also collecting items to fill the house like pots and pans, bed sheets, etc. Anything you can think of that you’d need to start a home.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Here's the short story I wrote for a contest on Harlequin's website. You had to use a few specific words: Promise, silent night, pumpkin and wooden leg. It could only be 250 words which was a challenge for me. Though I didn't win, I had fun doing it...and the author that was running the contest gave each of us a free, autograph book! I received, Silent Night in Dry Creek, by Janet Tronstad. Can’t wait to read it.


As soon as Jory’s father passed out on the couch, she grabbed her little sister’s hand and quietly led her out the backdoor. It wasn’t until they were a half-a-mile away that her younger sister tugged on her hand.

“What is it, Izzy?” She glanced down at her sister, not slowing her pace.

“Where are we going?”

Jory felt a ting of regret when she noticed the tiny doll Izzy held close to her side. Its dress was tattered and her wooden legs had seen better days. It was the only thing she’d taken from their meager home.

“Were going to, Trey’s.”


“Not now, Izzy, “she said, sternly.

After a few miles, they turned off the dirt road into a field. The silent night was deceiving; they were far from safe.

Izzy stumbled over a pumpkin and cried out.

“Its okay, Izzy.” She quickly pulled her sister up. “Were almost there.”

When Jory saw the old farm house come into sight, she silently thanked God. They quickly made their way up the wooden porch. She only hesitated a minute before knocking.

Several minutes later, the door opened.

Trey’s eyes met hers. She didn’t have to say anything. The bruises on her face spoke loudly.

“Izzy, why don’t you go in while Trey and I talk for a minute?”

Trey softly closed the door, and wrapped his arms around her, gently kissing the top of her head.

“You’re safe, now Jory. I’ll never let him hurt you, again. I promise.”