Monday, March 29, 2010



I’m finding that my writing journey is a long and never ending learning processes. As I look back on my earlier years, I’m amazed at how far I’ve come…and how far I have yet to go.

In the beginning I had no concept of how to write a novel. Now, several years later, I’ve picked up many writing tips. Some to be used temporarily and others to be continually used.

At one stage in my writing, when I was just learning the art of point of view, I had a dreadful time keeping on track/getting the concept. The first thing I had to learn was what words were the right ones to use, and which weren’t. Once I mastered that the next obstacle I encountered was making sure I was in the proper characters POV. Another thing I found challenging was knowing whose POV I was currently in at any given moment.

One of the tricks I discovered, and or created…I really don’t’ recall how it came about, was to place at the beginning of each new point of view, the letters POV, along with the characters initials, or first name. I even went as far as to highlight it in a different color. Then I went one step further and highlighted one character's POV a the begining in one color, and another character in another color. I found this very helpful when starting to write for the day. When I’d bring up my document, find where I was, I would scroll up a bit and could easily discover whose point of view I was in.

Which brings me to another trick I still use. When editing/rewriting, I place a “HERE” in a different color to indicate where I last left off. This helps greatly in saving time. As soon as I bring up my document to edit or rewrite it for the day, I can go directly to that spot where I’d left off the last time.

As every writer knows we never seem to have enough hours in the day to accomplish all the writing we’d like to, and these simple little steps have proven to save time and frustration.

Monday, March 15, 2010


ONCE LIFE MATERS is a quick, easy read. Right from the first page you’re drawn into Marty’s world. The insight to being in the music industry in that era and all it entails is fascinating. Though it’s a biography/non-fiction, ONCE LIFE MATTERS reads like great fiction.

As I read about Marty’s journey I couldn’t help but be amazed what he survived. It’s clear that God had a bigger and better plan for Marty then he had for himself. And He wasn’t giving up on him. Marty just needed to walk through that door that was being held open for him time and time, again.

ONCE LIFE MATTERS is straightforward in how one repeatedly ignores Gods whispers, and where that road can lead. Without God we are lost souls, constantly searching for purpose and meaning in our lives.

I loved the way Marty wove in scripture relevant to what was going on in his life, hindsight that will speak to its readers.

It may have taken Marty years, as it often does many of us but he finally found his way. Not only did he find his way but he continues to walk through open doors, following Gods whispers, and sometimes shouts to do amazing work in His name.

Marty is a walking testimony that lives can be changed, and not only changed but totally turned around. A great inspirational story for those of us in the Prison Ministry, as well as for those struggling with some of the same issues Marty had.

I highly recommend this book for those in the Prison Ministry, as well as for those struggling with addictions, in prison or are far from God and feel their life is meaningless and hopeless.

ONCE LIFE MATTERS is encouraging to those struggling in life, as well as inspiring to those with loved ones far from God and caught up in their own nightmares.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well, today’s the day I announce the winner of the giveaway for SING ME TO SLEEP.

Congratulations, Mariska!
You’ve won an autographed copy of SING ME TO SLEEP.

Please email me your snail mail address, so you can received your copy of SING ME TO SLEEP.

I’d like to thank Angela for allowing me to be part of her blog tour to promote her book. For all you readers who’ve read the book and love it, I’m sure she’d enjoy hearing from you.