Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am so blessed to have been EXPOSED to this amazing book.

Some of the words that come to mind:






Ashley Weis is an amazing story teller. Exposed was beautifully written, and a story so desperately needed to be told. With today’s society so inundated with sex, it’s a must read. Ashley did an amazing job of keeping her readers turning pages. There are three main characters, Ally, Taylor and Jessie. Every other chapter was Ally and Jessie’s story, the others were Taylor’s.

Every chapter ending left you NEEDING to turn the next page. A definite “Wow” or “What” response. The entire story took you on an amazing journey into the lives of those affected by the porn industry.

The husband, the one caught up in the lies of porn.

The wife, the discovery of her husband’s addiction turns her world upside down.

The “porn star”, the devastation the industry inflicts on ones soul.

Every chapter had me captivated. The heart of the story and the way it was told was enough for this amazing book to stand on its own. I pretty much figured where the story was going…but oh how wrong I was.

With about seventy pages to go, I slipped into my bed and started to read. I soon realized I wouldn’t be putting it down until I finished. But what I hadn’t imagined is I would be shocked not once, or twice, but three times. I was blown away by the ending. The words amazingly powerful come to mind.

I can’t tell you want chapter I was on when the weeping began but I can tell you this. It did not stop until long after I closed the book. I can’t remember ever finishing a fictional book and wanting to pray for the characters with stories that touched my soul so deeply I ached for them.

My prayer is that this book will one day become a bestseller. The compassion alone it creates is one our society is in desperate need of.

DISCLOSURE: What can I say, I love books. As an inspiring author I love to read and share my experience of the books I’ve read. Through my reviews on Amazon, along with being part of the ACFW Email Loop, I’ve been blessed to be allowed as an influencer for several books. Of course not every book that’s looking for influencers is for me. I do my homework first. First I note the cover, then the title. If those two things draw me in, I then go to Amazon or other places I can read a synopsis. If I’ve never read the authors work before, I then read the first several pages when possible to see if their writing appeals to me.

When I receive a book, I’m quite excited to get started though in the misty of the excitement often comes a little anxiety. I am honest to a fault and hate nothing more than the thought of having to give a bad review. Thanks to the good Lord above, I have rarely come across one that I didn’t like. In fact quite the opposite. Many times I’m thrilled to have been blessed to read such a wonderful story. I’ve discovered several new authors I now can’t wait to read their next novel. And that is something I love to spread so it’s really a win, win situation.

This book was one of those blessings I offered to be an influencer.

Monday, September 27, 2010


This September I went to my very first writing conference, ACFW. It was in Indianapolis, Indiana and I must say I went filled with specific expectations. I had talked to others that had gone previously, as well as read PITCH AND PROMOTO LIKE A PRO, by Terry Burns. Though I was a bit nervous about my Editor and Agent appointments, I felt confident I’d be prepared.

But God had a different plan. A week and a half before the day I was to leave my kids were unexpectedly home from school. Not good. I couldn’t get in the quiet time I needed to mentally prepare for the conference; much less make sure all else was in order. I was also asked to give a speech at an upcoming Prison and Jail class at church…something I’ve never done before. Now I needed to prepare a speech and drum up the courage to deliver it as well.

The speech went well…as well as can be expected with my insides shaking. But God is good. Others were touched by it, and that’s all that mattered. I feel stronger having done so, and knowing I got through it. I image the next time will be easier.
So I was off to conference. It seems as though everything I’d expected from it, didn’t materialize. As well as things I never expected, did.


To meet many Editors and Agents.

To mingle with Editors and Agents, seizing the opportunity to get a feel for what they were looking for as well as running my stories by them.

Hoping not to make a fool of myself in my scheduled meetings with an Editor and Agent.

To give copies of my One Sheet to Agents and Editors.

To purchase several books, and have them signed by the Authors. Though I told myself I wasn’t to purchase too many (ha, ha).

To attend classes that would be eye opening experiences in regards to my writing.


Indianapolis to capture my interest.

To be captivated and inspired by a guest speaker, Tim Downs.

To get to hear the hearts of published Authors, and Agents at the classes I attended.

To discover the love of God through amazing Christians united together for one cause…Him.

To discover the difference between Christians and non-Christians in the publishing world.

I really went to this conference expecting to fully take advantage of all the opportunities it provided but what I came away with had never entered mind. Instead of being all about the writing and getting published, I discovered it was all about God’s love.

I saw the heart of God EVERYWHERE! On the streets, in the buildings, in each and every person I ran across at the Conference. Those that attended the Conference comforted, loved, encouraged, and cheered their fellow writers and Christians on. They showed the love of Christ through their actions, and words.

Christian writers wrapped their love around me when I needed it, putting aside their own agenda. That in its self made my first writing Conference an amazing one that I will never forget.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


This September I attended my first every writing conference. One of the highlights for me was meeting a wonderful author, Lenora Worth. You see, she was one of the first Christian fiction authors I read, and fell in love with. Needless to say I have several of her books that I’ve kept over the years.

Throughout the conference I purchased several great books I’d wanted to purchase for some time. I have so many unread books I’ve collected, sitting, waiting to be read at home. I try to hold off on buying any more expect for new released from my favorite authors…and when I have the opportunity to have one signed.

As you can see by the picture above, I came home with a great selection of autographed books. Both new and used ones I’ve collected from home. I knew ahead of time that Lenora Worth, and Kathryn Albright would be there, and wanted to seized the opportunity to have them sign my books. I loved their writing.

One thing about Christian writers, they’re wonderful people whose love for God not only comes out in their writing but through who they are. What a wonderful group of people.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


A couple of years after 9/11 I spotted a book at Sam’s Club. What attracted me was the fireman on the cover (my husband is a fireman). When I realized it had something to do with 9/11 I hesitated. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a story about that day, fiction or non-fiction. I even wondered what an author was thinking by writing such a book…especially only a few years later.

With indecision, I purchased it.

As I read the story I felt a new awareness to those directly affected by 9/11, and prayed from them anew. I still think of that book and in turn, think of those families that were directly affected by that day.

The book/s, ONE TUESDAY MORNING, and BEYOND TUESDAY MORNING, by Karen Kingsbury.
Why do we write...to touch others lives.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Actual book or ebook?

Well that’s a no brainer for me. I’m all for technology in many cases…but books turning to ebooks is not one of them. Actually that’s not entirely true. I believe it does have its purpose, and I’m all for saving the environment. I’m huge on recycling, and it bothers be greatly when I find myself in a situation where I can’t recycle.

I’m having a hard time visualizing books going away entirely. I think there will always be a need for them. After all, not everyone will be able to afford a device needed for ebooks. And what about kids? Do we really want our kids responsible for another $200.00 device?

I also have to wonder what will happen to sales. For me, going into a store and spotting a book on the shelf is one of the ways I discover a new book, and quickly purchase. If we are limited to only ebooks, how will one run across a particular book other then internet advertising? Will publishers then need to turn to TV for advertising…we all know how costly THAT is and it bound to come back to us.

I shudder to think what will become of our libraries.

I’m a visual person, and that may have a huge impact on my fondness for books to stay around. I love the feel of a book in my hands. Love the visual of a book cover. One of my dreams is to have an entire wall lined with bookcases…of course filled with books. I keep all my favorite books, classics I hope to one day read as well as the ones I have autographed. A hobby of mine.

When I spot a really old book at a flea market or used book sale, I can’t help but pick it up and run my hand across the lettering on the front cover. I then open it to find the date it was printed. A surge of emotions run through me of who might have held that very same book and the history behind their lives. It’s always an added bonus when I find handwriting within.

What I’d like to see for the future is the continue option of both. Book form for those of us who prefer an actual book in our hands to keep and treasure forever and ebooks for those that don’t. In my eyes THAT would be the best of both worlds.