Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Music penetrates my soul in ways nothing else does. I’ve often wondered why but after years of thought on the matter, I’ve discovered the truth.

I come from a line of musicians on my father’s side. Music has always been part of my life for as long as I can remember. My grandfather was in bands, and my father was a music teacher as well as had his own band. Growing up with a music room in our basement was as normal as having a bedroom and bathroom.

Not long ago, I started to make the connection between music, God and the Bible. Why should that surprise me, yet it was one of those “ah, ha” moments. God is so amazing, giving us such beauty through the things he created for us to see, why not the power of music that has the remarkable ability to evoke so many emotions deep within.

Music is there for me:

When I’m sad.

When I’m happy.

When I’m rushed.

When I’m worried.

When I’m hurt.

When I’m stressed.

When I’m bored.

When I’m excited.

When I’m in a good mood.

When I’m in a bad mood.

Music has a way of making everything seem okay. Better. It lightens the burden when the burden is heavy. It allows me to cry when tears refused to let lose. It takes me to a faraway place that I desperately need to go. I connect with the lyrics on a level that deeply speaks to me, allowing me relief in a time of grief.

I enjoy a wide variety of music from county, to pop, to Christian, to… I’m not sure if there’s any genre that I don’t like at least one song and or artist.

It could be the melody, the rhythm, the beat or the lyrics that appeal to me. And other times it’s all of them combined in one.

I once met a woman who said she didn’t like music…What! How could one not like music? The variety is so vast I just can’t phantom someone not finding one genre, one artist, one song that would touch their soul.

Music makes me want to dance.

Music lightens the burden when I clean.

Music lifts my energy to exercise.

Music fills the silence of a long drive.

What does music mean to you?


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I have absolutely no musical ability - I can't play an instrument and I can't sing.
However, I simply love to listen to music. Music can calm me or energize me. It can make me happy or sad. I like a wide variety of music and can always find that perfect song for the situation.

Kym McNabney said...

Thanks for sharing. I actually play the flute, not great but I do play. I still pull it out now and again. As far as singing goes, I LOVE to sing, wish I could have been a singer, though those listening to me may be happy I’m not. I agree there is a perfect song for everything, and every mood.



Anonymous said...

I'm not really a fan of country (it's usually too whiny for my tastes), but that first song was pretty cool. Music truly is a great outlet for all the reasons you mentioned and so many more too. Almost everyone can relate. I think the lady that you talked to who didn't like music is a rarity.

Kym McNabney said...


I never would have thought of the word “whiny” for country. To me it’s rugged (cowboy, yee haw!), romance, old fashion goodness, being a gentleman, tenderness, loving, faith, and oh so much more.

I agree, the woman who didn’t like it is a unique case. Something I just couldn’t phantom.



Karyn said...

I love it. Actually, I think every art form comes from God. I almost think that's what art is, a sort of commune with God. My first "ah ha" that writing was inspired was when I read Harry Potter. I couldn't figure out why it bothered me so much when Dumbledore didn't seem to know what was going on until I realized that Dumbledore was a godlike figure to me, and Harry was a sort of savior sent to rescue his people. It was the first time I wondered if all stories were like a parable in some way. Maybe they speak to some part of our soul, like music.

Kym McNabney said...


Thanks for your great response. Loved your take on Harry Potter. I know the next time I watch it, I’ll think of your comment. I agree that stories speak to us…whether Christian or not. If you look hard enough, you can almost always find a messages.



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas

Kym McNabney said...

Thanks, Ian and Merry Chritams to you as well.