Thursday, March 29, 2012


Title: A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island
Author: Cara C Putman
Publisher: Barbour Books (April 1, 2012)
Pages: 320

If you like a fun, contemporary, light mystery with a splash of suspense, then A WEDDING TRASPIRES ON MACKINAC ISLAND by CARA C. PUTMAN is a novel you’ll want to be sure to read.

Attorney Alanna Stone has avoided Mackinac Island, and the man she loved for over a decade. When her mother summons her back to that very place, she goes but not without trepidation. The man she loved had betrayed her, but he wasn’t the only reason she fled the Island. As luck would have it she bumps into Jonathan Covington shortly after arriving on Mackinac Island. Alanna soon finds herself in the mist of the very reason she stayed away from the Island for so long.

After Alanna left Mackinac Island, Jonathan lost interest in relationships. His heart was for one woman and one woman only…and she’d disappeared from his life long ago. Shocked to see Alanna return, he wonders if it’s too late for them.

Alanna and Jonathan have past issues that must be resolve before they can open their hearts to one another again...but with God, all things are possible.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Title: Mississippi Nights
Author: D.M. Webb
Publisher: Ambassador International (January 6, 2012)
Pages: 384

There are books that I dread reviewing because I didn't like them. Then there are those that I'm already writing one in my mind after only reading a few chapters. MISSISSIPPI NIGHTS by D.M. WEBB is the later.

Three years after Firefighter David Boyette left home, he returns to face his brother, Sgt. Jeremy Boyette. But that's not all David has to face. He has a secret he's been hiding as well.

When David encounters Maggie Goddard, the preachers beautiful daughter, there's an immediate attraction. He tries to hide his demons from her but demons have a way of eventually making themselves known.

The prolog in MISSISSIPPI NIGHTS was probably one of the most intriguing I've ever read. I can't recall one in the past that drew me in so quickly and deeply. MS. WEBB has written an amazing story with three dimensional characters, wonderful writing, original lines, with a great plot that's unpredictable throughout.

I laughed. I cried. I ached as well as rooted for the characters. MISSISSIPPI NIGHTS is a page turner that will keep you on your toes right up to the end. I was shocked at how much transpired the last hundred pages. It was packed full of action, twist, turns, surprises and more. MS WEBB'S experience as a Firefight/EMT was evident. The details phenomenal. The romance was subtle yet profound.

MS. WEBB deals with some tough issues, handled wonderfully. She plays it out perfectly, not skimping. I'm a Christian. I read a lot of Christian fiction. I'm a romantic at heart. Read lots of romances. What I found so unique about MISSISSIPPI NIGHTS is how true to life everything was carried out.

Just because one believes in God, doesn't mean they're a fully devoted/mature Christian. It's a journey unique to each individual. It was refreshing to read fiction Christian with characters that struggled with real life issues, weren't perfect, and stumbled. The characters drank, smoked, used foul language (implied), were physical (non-sexual), went to a bar, struggled with addictions, falling several times before heading on the path to recovery.

Through all of this, MS WEBB was able to weave faith and character growth. Amazing. I can't wait to see what MS WEBB has in store for future books.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Title: Unleash The Writer Within
Author: Cecil Murphey
Publisher: OakTara (November 18, 2011)
Pages: 160

When Editorial Director of Oak Tara, Ramona Cramer Tucker, spoke at our monthly ACFW Chicago Northwest Chapter meeting, she came with a stack of books to sell. One of them was UNLEASH THE WRITER WITHIN, The Essential Writers’ Companion, by CECIL MURPHEY. She raved about the book, claiming it was different than any other writing book out there. I was currently reading what I thought to be the greatest writing book. Surly UNLEASH THE WRITER WITHIN wasn’t going to tell me anything I hadn’t already heard.

Only because Ms. Tucker spoke so enthusiastically about UNLEASH THE WRITER WITHIN, and because it was reasonable priced, as well as it looked like a quick read, I reluctantly purchased it. What did I need with another book about writing? I had several at home waiting to be read.

As I began to read UNLEASH THE WRITER WITHIN, I was quickly drawn in. This was not your typical book on writing. It reads like a great novel or perhaps a well written diary. The chapters are short, packed full of great information. The content is honest, refreshing, full of wisdom and courage.

If you were to look into my copy you’d find several dog eared pages, highlight galore and words written throughout. What a refreshing read. Over the years I’ve been inundated with how to or what I should write. In this book Mr. Murphey speaks from the heart what many writers often think but are reluctant to express.

At the end of each chapter there is an aphorism that sums up the contents. At the end of the book there is a list of all twenty-seven, a great review/reminder. If I had to pick one that was the most impactful and profound, I couldn’t. Instead I came up with five.

#15. “I learn from other writers. I grow my voice by paying attention to the writers I like to read.”

#21. “I want to be the best me I can, so I follow my natural rhythm, and don’t try to imitate anyone else.”

#25. “I can resent others for their achievements, or I can admire them for what they’ve accomplished. I can determine to work as hard as they do.”

#26. “I am a passionate person. I can be a passionate writer if I choose.”

#27. “This is the best I can do at this stage of my development.”

I have always felt that I must write what I feel in my soul, what is right, not what society, editors, publishers or the market deems I should write. Cecil Murphey’s words not only confirm that to be a good thing, he lives by it. From what I understand of Oak Tara, they too believe the same, and are willing to give author’s the chance to speak from their heart.

If the only thing UNLEASH THE WRITER WITHIN taught me was #27, “This is the best I can do at this stage of my development.” it was worth every penny. I highly recommend this book to all writers no matter where they are in their journey of writing.

Monday, March 19, 2012


The other day my neighbor brought home orange and yellow roses for me.

Today she brought home yellow ones.

God’s beauty!

Simply amazing.

Isn't there a song about a yellow rose...or is it a yellow road?

I didn’t have the heart to toss out the “old” ones yet, so I put them in with the new.

What are your favorite color roses?


God’s beauty!

I find it hard to believe that one could look, really look at nature and NOT believe in God.

Nature, all that God has created, fascinates me.

And to think we haven’t seen anything yet. I can’t imagine what God has in store for us up in Heaven.

Take time to stop and look at the roses.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Author: Nancy Herriman
Publisher: Worthy Publishing (April 3, 2012)
Pages: 320

THE IRISH HEALER by NANCY HERRIMAN is my first read by this author, and I feel fortunate to have come across this novel. I was drawn to the storyline and time period, but that doesn’t ensure an enjoyable read. Often a book can start out well, the author taking care to captivate the reader. But what sets authors apart is those that can carry a well written and intriguing story from the very first page to the last.

Accused of murder, Rachel Dunne is forced to leave her family and hometown in Ireland. Her cousin has secured Rachel temporary employment with Dr. James Edmunds. But she has a secret she fears if discovered will cost her her job. But Rachel’s not the only one with a secret. The good Doctor has one of his own.

Rachel can’t understand why God has placed her in the very situation she escaped from. James’ hurts go deep as he gave in to man’s, rather than God’s, plan for his life. But with God’s help, will Rachel and James find their way back to their purpose and passion in life…and a love they never dreamed of.

NANCY HERRIMAN has written a fantastic novel. I thought I was in London, back in the 1830’s. The characters were vivid with realistic strengths and weaknesses. As an aspiring writer, I tend to analyze everything I read, any flaws in the writing, the plot or characters. THE IRISH HEALER left no room for improvement. It was beautifully done.

I look forward to reading more novels by MS. HERRIMAN in the future.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Title: Wrapped in Rain
Author: Charles Martin
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (September 6, 2011)
Pages: 336

I had WRAPPED IN RAIN by CHARLES MARTIN sitting in my pile of books to read for a couple of months. Once I finally made the decision to read it, I did so with uncertainty, which is often the case with authors I’m unfamiliar with.

If I’m honest, I was a bit confused in the beginning, and a little disappointed with the absence of a love interest for the main character. At page sixty-two, to my utter surprise and delight, Katie stepped into the pages.

I was hooked!

Tucker Rain is a famous photographer with a childhood story that would curl your toes. His father, an alcoholic and abusive man, showed no love for his two young sons. If it were not for Miss Ella, the woman Tucker’s father hired to take care of their home and keep Tucker and his brother out of sight, things could have ended up quite differently.

WRAPPED IN RAIN is an amazing story about neglect, abuse, love, faith, forgiveness, and hope. As a writer I often pick apart the novels I read, so it’s not very often I come across one that I wouldn’t change a thing, and WRAPPED IN RAIN is one of them.

The storyline was amazing, the writing superb, and the characters three dimensional. The main characters as well as the secondary came to life with unique personalities, goals, trials and tribulations.

There were several lines that had me shaking my head, they were that good. I laughed, I cried. I wanted to reach through the pages and wrap my arms around the characters. Take a road trip for the opportunity to meet them. To reach out and let them know how sorry I am for all they’ve been through, and how proud I am of them for not giving up.

MR. MARTIN wasn’t afraid to incorporated real life situations that we often don’t speak of, adding flavor, uniqueness with gumption.

I like faith to be woven in naturally, not preachy. Never having heard of CHARLES MARTIN prior to reading WRAPPED IN RAIN, I had no idea what to expect. It was brilliantly written. The faith aspect was woven in naturally, and profoundly. It was all Miss Ella, none of the author…that’s truly amazing.

My favorite quote is on page 250:

“Tucker, you won’t understand this until you have a boy of your own, but listen close. The sins of the father are carried down to the son. There’s nothing you can do to stop what’s passed to you. You are going to wrestle with it until the day you die, whether you like it or not. The only choice is whether or not you pass them to your son. Stopping it is a choice you make.”

WRAPPED IN RAIN is now on my list of all time favorite books. One that I’ll recommend to others in the future. I look forward to reading more books by CHARLES MARTIN.

Do yourself a favor…wrap yourself in this book and get lost in the world of Rain.

Monday, March 12, 2012


And the winner is…ANDREA SCHULTZ.

Congratulations, you’ve won a copy of Deborah Molone’s DEATH IN DAHLONEGA.

Thank you Deborah for the great interview and for all that participated.



Monday, March 5, 2012


I'd like to welcome author Deborah Molone to my blog.

Deborah has worked as a freelance writer and photographer, since 2001, for the historical magazine “Georgia Backroads.” She has had many articles and photographs published during this time. Her writing is featured in “Tales of the Rails” edited by Olin Jackson. She has also had a showing of her photographs at Floyd Medical Center Art Gallery as well as winning several awards. Her debut cozy mystery "Death in Dahlonega" is now available.She is a current member of the Georgia Writers Association, and a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She has an established blog, Butterfly Journey, where she reviews Christian Fiction.

Q:When did you first discover that you were a writer?

A:I remember starting a book when I was just a young child, so the desire to write has been with me for a long time.

Q:What other books/short stories/articles/poems have you written, whether published or not.

A:I’ve been writing for a historic magazine since 2001. “Georgia Backroads” is a regional magazine devoted to the past history of Georgia. I’ve had many articles published during the past ten years. If you live in Georgia or the surrounding area you might want to check this out.

Q:Do you have an all time favorite book? Which genre do you prefer to read and why?

A:My all time favorite is probably “To Kill A Mockingbird”. My favorite genre is cozy mysteries/suspense.

Q:What was your greatest roadblock in writing this book and others, and how did you overcome it?

A:Finding the time to write in a hectic life. I have a daughter who is severely disabled and requires a lot of time for her care. I also took care of my dad while I was writing my first draft of “Death in Dahlonega”. But then again there were times that my writing was my salvation.

I also have fibromyalgia and suffer from chronic pain. I’ve had to make adjustments with my writing to accommodate the pain. Another challenge was editing and learning the techniques I needed to make it a good book. I’m still learning, but I have had the help of a couple of great editors. I would say it is worth the money to invest in a professional editor to help you when you’ve done all you can on your on.

Q:What advice would you give to an author just starting out?

A:You will hear this over and over. Join groups such as American Christian Fiction Writers, etc. These are places you can network and also learn techniques. Writing can be a lonely business and it is good to connect with other writers. Read books that are in the genre you are writing. Learn from them. Also, go to writing conventions. And then write, write, and write some more. Then never, never, never give up!

Q:How can readers find the book and where can they find you on the Internet?

A:you can find “Death in Dahlonega” at, Barnes and Noble, and Lamp Post Publishing. You can find me at or my blog at

Q:Tell us one interesting fact about you that your readers would find interesting, and maybe even surprising.

A:I don’t think I have anything that would be surprising, but I do love photography. I like to take macro shots of nature. The butterfly on my blog is one that I took.

Q:Can you tell me a little bit about your newest book?

A:My next book is “Murder in Marietta” a cozy mystery. This is the second book in the series of “Death in Dahlonega”. It takes place in Marietta, Georgia and features the main characters of Trixie, Dee Dee and great-aunt Nana. Anyone familiar with Marietta will recognize a lot of the landmarks in this book.

Q:When a reader gets done with your book, what do you want them to come away with?
Any last thoughts for your readers?

A:Enjoyment! This is purely a book that I would love for my readers to be able to sit down to and forget the trials and tribulations of the day and just be entertained. We have so many things that demand our attention in our life. I want “Death in Dahlonega” to provide some laughs to make you forget about the seriousness of life for just a little while. There are some underlying themes in the book such as starting over. Trixie has to take on a new career during her 40’s after she’s been out of the workforce for many years – but the themes are subtle and you’ll have to read the book to discover these themes. LOL

Back Cover: Lamp Post is PROUD to bring you Death in Dahlonega, a Trixie Montgomery Cozy Mystery — Winner in American Christian Fiction Writers’ Category Five writing contest!

A friendly adventure turns to murder and mayhem in the north Georgia mountains.

Historical writer Trixie Montgomery is asked to cover Gold Rush Days in the picturesque Georgia mountain town, Dahlonega. Trixie seizes the chance to mix business with pleasure and asks her best friend, Dee Dee to tag along.

Their well laid plans go awry when Dee Dee is discovered standing over the lifeless body of prominent citizen, John Tatum – the very man she’d had a run in with earlier that day – holding a bloody pickax in her hands.

Can Trixie find a way to finish her assignment and keep Dee Dee out of the slammer?

Now for a chance to win a copy of Deborah’s book, Death in Dahlonega.

For each of the following, your name will be entered into the drawing:

1) Leave a comment with your email address or check back later for the winner. If you won, you’ll need to email me your information.
2) Become a follower on this blog.
3) Leave a comment on my Youtube video.

Make sure to let me know with your comment what you’ve done.

I can only ship in the US. Drawing will be done on March 11th. Please check back to see if you've won if you didn't leave your email address. If I don't have your email address and haven't heard from you by the 18th, I'll draw another name

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ACFW March 2012 New Releases

More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website.

Love's Sacred Song by Mesu Andrews -- Young King Solomon marries a Shulamite shepherdess to quell the unrest of Israel's northern tribes, but will this marriage become a love that sings for the ages? (Historical from Revell).

Dawn Comes Early (The Brides of Last Chance Ranch Series) by Margaret Brownley -- It's 1895 and 29-year-old dime novelist Kate Tenney finds herself without a publisher or other means of support when her novel is banned. When she agrees to try her hand at ranching, trouble begins. The West is nothing like she wrote about in her books. (Historical Romance from Thomas Nelson).

A Perfect Square by Vannetta Chapman -- Amish-English sleuthing duo Deborah Yoder and Callie Harper set out to solve a murder. But more than an innocent man's future is at stake. In book two of the Shipshewana Amish Mystery series, God's grace touches the long-lost past as well as lives shaken by current tragedy. (Cozy Mystery from Zondervan).

Saving Hope by Margaret Daley -- A 16-year-old girl is kidnapped from Beacon of Hope School. With the help of Texas Ranger Wyatt Sheridan, Kate Winslow is determined to find her student, but someone doesn't want her to succeed. (Contemporary Romance from Abingdon Press).

I Am Ocilla by Diane M. Graham -- I know only my name. Beyond that is confusion, a void where fantasy and reality swirl together. A dark soul threatens the Five Kingdoms, but I am powerless to stand against him, overwhelmed by phantom memories, broken and lost. Somehow I must live.(Speculative Fiction/Fantasy from Splashdown Books).

Highland Hearts by Eva Maria Hamilton -- In Scotland 1748, the Battle of Culloden is over, but one Highlander's fight has just begun. (Historical Romance from Love Inspired).

Journey's Edge by Dora Hiers -- When your daughter is kidnapped, can you trust her safety to the one man you swore to never trust again? (Contemporary Romance from White Rose Publishing).

Promised to Another by Laura V. Hilton -- She's promised to one, but in love with another. He has secrets that could destroy the relationship before it begins. (Contemporary Romance from Whitaker House).

And You Call Yourself a Christian by E.N. Joy -- What's a single Christian woman to do when she finds herself being charged for the death of three people? Her own sons? (Women's Fiction from Urban Christian).

Gypsy's Game byDelia Latham -- She wants a temporary husband. He wants a forever love. Can these two hearts find a common path? (Romance from White Rose Publishing).

Hearts that Survive: A Novel of the Titanic by Yvonne Lehmann -- Lydia Beaumont and her new friend Caroline Chadwick plan Lydia's wedding aboard the "grandest ship ever built." Yet their lives take a tragic turn when the "unsinkable" Titanic goes down. This epic tale of faith and perseverance follows their lives and the lives of their descendants as they struggle with all that was lost on that fateful night and what the future holds for those brave enough to face it. (Historical from AbingdonPress).

Ellie's Haven by Sharlene Maclaren -- Young woman on the run from her brutal stepfather jumps a train and heads several hundred miles north, winding up in Wabash, Indiana, where she meets and marries a widower with four children in hopes of finding refuge in her new identity. (Historical Romance from Whitaker House).

When Rain Falls by Tyora Moody -- Widow Candace Johnson's best friend is brutally murdered. Ensnared by a deep-rooted bitterness, seeping her faith day by day, Candace is determined to seek justice. Detective Darnell Jackson is in need of clues fast. As the investigation heats up, his growing attraction for Candace plays havoc on Darnell's judgment. (Romantic Suspense from Urban Christian).

Prize of My Heart by Lisa Norato -- A privateer captain from the War of 1812 is forced to make a heartrending choice between his child and what he knows to be right. Only his unselfish sacrifice can win him the greatest prize of (Historical Romance from Bethany House).

Shades of Truth by Sandra Orchard -- Book 2 in the series Undercover Cops: Fighting for Justice puts their lives, and hearts, on the line. (Romantic Suspense from Love Inspired).

Seattle Cinderella by Gail Sattler -- The story of a modern day Cinderella, followed by her two reformed step-sisters, and Farrah her godmother. (Romance Novella from Barbour Publishing).

Sarai by Jill Eileen Smith -- He promised her his heart. She promised him a son. But how long must they wait?(Biblical Fiction from Revell).

Like Sweet Potato Pie (Southern Fried Sushi) by Jennifer Rogers Spinola -- Former big city journalist Shiloh Jacobs is stuck in rural Virginia - and about to discover if Mr. Wrong could actually be Mr. Right. (Contemporary Fiction from Barbour Publishing).

Rodeo Hero by Shannon Taylor Vannatter -- Kendra Maddox is a new Christian trying to live her new beliefs. Stetson Wright is a youth director/rodeo clown who believes true love waits. Can they overcome her promiscuous past and claim a future together? (Contemporary Romance from Heartsong Presents).