Sunday, November 1, 2015


Title: A Reunion for the Rancher
Author: Brenda Minton
Publisher:  Love Inspired (September 15, 2015)
Pages: 224

What can I say, I’m a HUGE fan of BRENDA MINTON. I didn’t just happen across A REUNION FOR THE RANCHER. Oh, no I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival, just like I do any BRENDA MINTON book.

Ruby Donovan is back home in Little Horn, not to see Carson Thorn, but to help her grandmother and to be there for her brother. She doesn’t need the man she once loved complicating her life now that she is finally over him. Really, she is. 

Carson Thorn has done just fine the past twelve years without Ruby Donovan in his life, or so that is what he has been telling himself. So when she suddenly returns to her childhood home, a whole horde of emotions assault him.

What do I love about a BRENDA MINTON books? That would be everything. From the brilliant writing, to the complete storytelling, to the three-dimensional characters that seem to jump off the pages and into your heart.

Looking forward to the next! Yee Haw!! Give me another.