Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Bet

Here’s a little glimpse into my second novel, The Bet. I’m currently working on finding an agent, though I fully intent to submit it where I can until them. It’s completed and runs about 102,000 words.

Make sure to check back later for more of, The Bet.


Sam has been homeless for over a year. In her struggle to keep warm during the cold winter months, she finds the Laundromat the ideal haven. Never did she imagine she’d meet Nathan McCray, a seemingly “typical” rich guy.

After helping Nate launder his shirt, Sam soon finds herself caught up in a bet with Mr. Harvard. One that leads them to spending the night beside a dumpster. Just when she’d thought he was out of her life, he proposes yet another bet…to spend twenty-four days in his world!

In the end, Sam finds both her faith and her prince charming. And Nate…well, he finds something pretty special, too.

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