Saturday, December 25, 2010


Each Christmas we have two traditions I’d started with my children. One of them is purchasing them an ornament for the tree each year. But this isn’t just any random ornament. No, it’s one specially picked out for each child for that particular year. Something that represents something they did that year, or liked.

Some years, the idea came quickly. They played a sport for the first time or started an instrument, started Brownies, like a certain famous person. Though at times it’s been challenging to find the right ornament when I knew exactly what I wanted, other times it was hard to think of something special, something that stood out for that year.

One year when my youngest daughter was very small, she copied EVERYTHING her sisters said and did. Not able to think of anything for her that year, I finally decided on the perfect ornament.

A cat! That’s right. A cat…a copy cat!

Another year I knew exactly what I wanted to get my girls but for the life of me couldn’t find it. That was the first year they were into Webkinz. I looked everywhere, including their site, willing to pay any price at that point. So after realizing it just wasn’t going to be, I decided to make them myself. That’s right, I took a picture of them, laminated them, punched a hole through the top and tied a ribbon on it and there you have it. A Webkinz ornament. And the best thing was it cost me nearly nothing, and I was able to put two of their favorites on it as well as their names and the year it was given like I always do.

Once the girls move out and establish a home of their own, their ornaments will go with them. Each year they have such fun unwrapping them, and remembering why they received that specific one before hanging it on the tree.

Here’s this year’s picks:

Callie, who plays drums in band and jazz band at school, and is really excelling in it received a drum set ornament.

Bryanna, who adopted her very own dog, Hammie from Collie Rescue of Greater IL, received a dog ornament that looks a lot like him. I was astonished to find such a likeness.

MacKenna, who discovered the Titanic this year, and was fascinated in watching clips of it on Youtube, received a ship that looks surprisingly like the Titanic. What a find that was.

I must say God definitely had his hands in this year’s pick because they were quite the find.

So, what kind of traditions does your family have during the Christmas Season?


Unknown said...

We have the same tradition at our house! It was one my mom started when I was a child. My kids love to look through my box of ornaments that I have from when I was young and my daughter tries to claim them as hers! :)

Anonymous said...

That's a really cool tradition, Kym. I wish my parents would've done that.

The most important (and longest) tradition my family celebrates is my Aunt Marian's Christmas party. It started off as a combined Christmas/birthday party for Aunt Marian and my Grandma, now deceased, who happen to share the same birthday of December 13th. Well that was more than 65 years ago and Aunt Marian still hosts her Christmas party. Here's the kicker: Aunt Marian isn't my aunt at all, just a really good friend of the family. None of us would ever think of calling her only "Marian" though (save for my Grandma, God rest her soul, and my Great Uncle John, who, like Aunt Marian, is in his mid 80s); she will always be our beloved Aunt.

Incidentally, someone at Aunt Marian's Christmas party always dresses up in an old Santa suit for the children. I have done it 8 or 9 times now. It is loads of fun. One of these years we really should get the costume dry cleaned. LOL!

Thanks for allowing me to share that, Kym.

Kym McNabney said...

Thanks for sharing, Jenn. Very cute!



Kym McNabney said...

Love it Mike. Thanks for sharing. We too have some friends that out kids call Aunt and Uncle, and they have six kids. It was something when they realized they weren't blood relatives. In God's Kingdom we're all related, though. And they still call them Aunt and Uncle.

My husband’s family is the same with having several people they call Aunt and Uncle when they were just really lifelong friends with his folks. That never happened in my family, so my kids calling my husband’s friend since their school days, Uncle and his wife Aunt, just came natural to him. I’m glad my kids have been able to have the experience.