Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Title: Pine Country Cowboy
Author: Glynna Kaye
Publisher: Love Inspired (March 18, 2014)
Pages: 224

And the story goes like this …

First thing you should know, I have more books waiting on my bookshelf to be read then any person has a right to have. So, when I went to the store with my daughter, and I stopped in the book section to see if one of my favorite authors new books had arrived, I had no intentions of purchasing any others. Sadly, they didn’t have the book I was looking for.

My first mistake, spotting a LOVE INSPIRED book with a cowboy on the front cover. That gets me every time. Second mistake, I picked it up. Third mistake, read the back cover. Fourth mistake, opened it up and began to read.

Doomed. Done for.

Not done, as in no longer interested. Done, as in I couldn’t stop reading. Knowing full well I didn’t need to purchase another book, especially by an author I had yet to read, I slowly pushed my cart away from the book section – with the book in my hand, eyes focused on the words.

Yeah, I was done for.

Abby Diaz got in her car and drove to Canyon Springs, the small town her father and brother lives in. A town she has not been in for more years then she cares to admit.

Brett Marden has it all together. A ladies man, self-assured, carefree. Well, at least that’s what those around him believe. Not many know the deep dark secrets he carries, and he plans to keep it that way.

As cliché as it sounds, PINE COUNTRY COWBOY by GLYNNA KAYE, had me from the very first page, right to the last word. It now sits on my shelf of keepers. Those are the books I’ve read that are so good, there’s no way I’m giving them up.

MS KAYE is an amazing writer. PINE COUNTRY COWBOY is well thought-out, believable, engaging, the ideal pace, and superb writing. Her characters are well thought-out, likeable, with distinct personality. The storyline unique, diverse, with humor, and surprises that will have your jaw slack.

If after reading my review if it is in question if I will be reading more by MS KAYE, then I have not done my job in writing it.

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