Thursday, April 28, 2011


In Swept Away by Nicole O'Dell, you not only get two great stories in one, you also get to choose the ending for each. How fun and educational is that? I loved the concept of picking your own scenario, but what I hadn't expected is the desire to read the other after you'd already made your decision.

O'Dell does a wonderful job in creating teenage characters with real life situations. Each story provides the reader with two choices and to discover the consequences of their decision. Both stories are perfect for pre and young teens.

In High Stakes, two best friends, Amber and Brittany are presented with a contest that puts their friendship to the ultimate test. When Amber is faced with the possibility for winning something she feels she deserves more than her friend, she puts their friendship and what's right on the line, and her lack of faith in God is evident in the decision she makes.

In Essence of Lily, running from her unhappy home life, Lily makes a decision that could ultimately change her life forever. She soon learns life's lesson that God is the only one that can fulfill the empty whole in one's heart, and that lying and our choices can lead us into situations we find difficult to get out of, and could ultimately change our lives forever.

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