Saturday, April 23, 2011


Karen Witemeyer has done it again. TO WIN HER HEART is the third book I’ve read by her. If I hadn’t been convinced by her first two books, A TAILOR-MADE BRIDE and HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, that she’s amazing writer and story teller, TO WIN HER HEART sealed the deal.

The prison ministry is a passion and calling from God that I’ve been blessed to serve in since 2004. Levi Grant’s story immediately drew me in. When I think of Levi, a gentle giant comes to mind. A man with a past, one who earned his living by fighting, and that landed him in prison. When he was incarcerated Levi was brought back to God and vows to never fight another again.

Eden Spencer, an only daughter of a wealthy man, had been betrayed by a man she was set to marry in a way that has her swearing off men. But when the new blacksmith arrives in Spencer, Texas, Eden discovers the huge man whose words are few, is not who she believes him to be.

You will fall in love with the characters as you are swept away into this amazing story of love, trust, honor, and redemption. Levi and Eden have unique challenges that are masterfully addressed.

I can’t wait for Ms. Witemeyer’s next novel. She has become an author whose latest books I snatch up without hesitation. Though the covers are always enticing, and the blurbs are intriguing, I no longer need to study them before purchasing. I know what awaits me when I curl up into a comfy chair and begin to drift into the world of her amazing storytelling.

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