Friday, May 25, 2012


Title: His Little Cowgirl

Author: Brenda Minton
Publisher: Steeple Hill Love Inspired (September 1, 2008)

Pages: 224

I feel like a broken record, but it’s true. I always become fully involved when reading a BRENDA MINTON book, and HIS LITTLE COWGIRL was no exception.

The last thing Cody Jacob’s expects when he makes a stop to ask for forgiveness from a girl he met years ago is to discover he’s a father. At the top of his career as a bull rider, a little cowgirl and his mother have him rethinking what’s important in life.

Bailey Cross has every right not to trust Cody Jacob after he ran out on her years ago. With her father sick, and growing bills, Bailey is forced to accept Cody’s help. Something she’s not accustom too. After all, she’s been taking care of herself and their little girls for close to six years.

BRENDA MINTON has the most amazing ability to create three dimensional characters that walk off the pages, and into your heart. I loved Cody’s struggle with his addiction, as well as what Bailey’s father went through, creating some very tender moments. It’s not often I tear up on a LOVE INSPIRED book. That’s one of the things I love so much about MS MINTON’S writing, is her willingness to hit on tougher subject matters.

I was introduced to BRENDA MINTON’S writing after she’d been published for a few years. I recently purchased the older books she written that I had not read. I love the way she creates a story that much. It’s been fun to go back in story time and now read about some of the characters that are in current books.

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