Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Title: Short-Straw Bride

Author: Karen Witemeyer
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers; 1 edition (June 1, 2012)
Pages: 368

I could barely hold in the excitement when I heard the title of KAREN WITEMEYER next book, SHORT-STRAW BRIDE. When I first laid eyes on the cover it only fueled my enthusiasm. This is her fourth book, and each one has proven to be equally as well written with a storyline that will keep you turning the pages faster than a humming birds wings.

Travis Archer is committed to defending the land his father asked him to when he was just a young man himself, along with protecting his three brothers. Travis spent over a decade doing exactly that, allowing few to enter their land. Neither he nor his brothers had ventured off Archer land, except the one time Travis was forced to in order to save a damsel in distress.

Meredith Hayes hadn’t been able to stop thinking about the Archer boy who saved her from the jaws of a trap years ago. Unlike she’d heard all her life, he was gentle and kind, setting her free and carrying her home to safety. Years later when she hears his land and his family may be in danger; she sets off to warn him without a thought to her own safety or reputation.

I loved the prolog, setting the scene of what was to come. It was fun to get a glimpse into Travis and Meredith’s first encounter, as well as what they were like as kids.

Travis is rugged, honest, loyal, hard working, and will defend his own in a heartbeat. Meredith is strong, determined and willing to make sacrifices for those she loves. I loved both of the main characters. The interaction between the two was just the right dose of feistiness and attraction.

I believe SHORT-STRAW BRIDE to be a unique twist on the “marriage of convenience” story. Not only are you treated to this wonderful story about Travis and Meredith, but given a glimpse into what I hope to be the next book in the Archer series, about Jim and Cassie. I’m filled with excitement and anticipation in discovering Crockett and Neill’s story as well.

As always, I wait with bated breath for the next KAREN WITEMEYER novel to hit the shelves.

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