Monday, July 1, 2013


Title: The Red Rider
Author: Randall Allen Dunn
Publisher: Character Entertainment (June 29, 2013)
Pages: 340 

When I began to read THE RED RIDER by RANDALL ALLEN DUNN, I had no idea the ride I was embarking upon. Typically a romance reader of books involving a guy with a cowboy hat, I had my doubts. To my surprise, MR DUNN captured my attention, taking me on an amazing adventure.

“Red”/Helena Basque, is not your typical female. Scarred for life from an early age, the nearby villagers did little to make her feel loved, much less accepted, with the exception of one person. The blacksmith’s son, Pierre Leone. He seemed to be the only one who can look past the ugly scars that marred her face. A true friend. But a friend is all he could remain, for Helena knew that it would be nothing less than unfair to allow their friendship to grow into more than what it was.

Helena is soon tossed into a situation that she has no choice but to step-up and take control. Even if that means risking her own life. The Lycanthru’s are determined to take over the province, and they aren’t about to lose to a girl who dresses like a boy, with the audacity to hunt wolves on her own.  

THE RED RIDER is packed full of adventure and drama, with a hint of faith, and a subtle amount of romance. A wonderful combination that is sure to please readers of many genres. As an aspiring writer, I’m in awe of the amazing lines MR DUNN, delivers.

I’m always fascinated when I read a debut novel that captivates me from start to finish. Where a novel is so well written, that I’m in awe of the authors writing, as well as their ability to tell an amazing story. And that’s exactly what I experienced while reading THE RED RIDER by RANDALL ALLEN DUNN.

There are stories with great writing styles. Those that have amazing plots. Those that sustain your attention with every word. Ones that exceed your expectations of great lines, with a satisfying ending. MR DUNN accomplished all of these aspects.

I can only hope that the right person will come across THE RED RIDER, and turn it into a movie that is sure to be a box-office hit.

I look forward to reading other novels by MR DUNN’S in the future.

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