Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well, we often don’t appreciate things until we have to do without. Thus is the case with my dishwasher. To think I complained about having to EMPTY it!

My daughter went to start the dishwasher, one of her jobs, and low and behold it didn’t start. I went to check out the situation, figuring she didn’t shut it all the way. To my horror, SHE DID!

My dishwasher was broken! After finally coming to terms with it being broken and realizing I would actually have to do the dishes by hand, I had to think about going about the task. Oh yeah, fill up the sink with soapy water, clean, and rinse. Right, that’s how it works.

Of course this had to be one of those times where not only the dishwasher was stuffed full but the sink had been overflowing with dirty dishes as well, waiting for the next load. I had to actually take dishes out of the sink to fill it. When I completed those dishes, on to the ones in the dishwasher…this just didn’t seem right.

Over a half-hour later, the counter and stove were covered with drying dishes. Wow, what a workout!

My husband, being a fireman and having to work twenty-four-hours at a time, had to work the following day so I had to endure yet another day of washing dishes. Though I must admit, nothing was as bad as that first time. Now I was keeping up with them. Yeah, I had to do them several times a day but it was manageable that way.

A couple of days later, off to the stores we went in search of a new dishwasher. Three stores later and we found the one we were looking for. You can only image my horror when the salesman said it would take THREE days to get!

THREE DAYS, are you kidding! Now the decision…go to yet another store, possible finding one we can take home right then and there, or exhibit the skill of patience? Let’s see…Okay, thinking of those in Africa with so little, maybe I need a lesson, here.

So patiently I wait, and wait, and wait.

And in that time, a miracle occurred…my husband did a load of dishes!

See, even in the worse of situations, something good can come of it.

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