Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hard to believe that after seeing three Nicholas Sparks movies, this is the first book that I've read by him. This is also the first book that I've read AFTER seeing a movie. It's always been the other way around. I've never been interest in reading a book after seeing the movie. I mean, why would I?

Being a romance writer, and having two of his movies, A Walk to Remember, and The Notebook, on my list of all time favorite movies, I craved to read the written words. I aspire to write such novels one day. With that in mind, I set out to read, A Walk to Remember and right after it, The Cliffnotes.

The book was very good, so good I couldn't put it down and on the second day of reading it, I stayed up well past midnight to finish it. I even cried, though I had known the whole story. I was surprised at how different the book was from the movie...both in good and bad ways.

In the end, I would have to say that both the movie and the book stand alone. Both were brilliant, wonderful stories, each bringing something different to the final product.

I've just started the Cliffnotes and can't wait to get a glimpse into how an author created such a masterpiece. I plan on reading The Notebook, next. It will be interesting to see how different the novel is from the movie, as this one was.

All in all, A Walk to Remember will remain an amazing story that will resonate in me forever, with characters that came alive and will never leave me.

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