Thursday, June 25, 2015


There are times when your daily reading leads to a deep connection. Perhaps a moment that is life changing, a light bulb moment. One that you want to share with others, and as you do, they too are blessed by the words that God placed in another. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Title: A Worthy Pursuit
Author: Karen Witemeyer
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers (June 2, 2015)
Pages: 358

One thing I can count on in life is when I open up a KAREN WITEMEYER book I am in for a treat.

Stone Hammond is a tracker with a track record. One that can’t be beat. After all, that is all he knows.

Charlotte Atherton is the headmistress at the Sullivan Academy for Exceptional Youths. A position she takes seriously and wholeheartedly. When that position is taken away, along with it the security of a few students she has grown to love as her own, she sets out to do all she can to protect them.

I love Stone’s and Charlotte’s character. I love the idea of incorporating an adventure novel into the story. How fun and unique. The plot is exciting and engaging.

It is never hard to start a KAREN WITEMEYER book. I have no fear of not being drawn into the plot, with characters I will fall in love. Characters that seem to jump off the pages in a way they appear to be real. That MS WITEMEYER’S is an amazing writer, incorporating all the elements required to pull off a remarkable story, is what has me constantly on the watch for her latest novel.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015


Title: Memory Box Secrets (Coming Home Book 2) 
Author: Brenda S Anderson
Publisher: Vivant Press (April 21, 2015)
Pages: 357

MEMORY BOX SECRETS, by BRENDA S ANDERSON is the “second” book in the COMING HOME SERIES. There are three different stories going on simultaneously, with a surprise ending.

Just a few years ago, Richard had flourish in Manhattan’s fast-paced business world, but there was one thing greatly lacking from his life. His faith. After restoring his faith, he never imagined returning to his old life. The New York Corporation that once rejected him, begs him to come back. Richard feels returning isn’t a good idea, but his gut is telling him to go.

Sheila yearns to have something from her childhood to pass on to her child, but her parents left her nothing. Unexpectedly, her aging father calls, asking to reunite. As much as she wants to say no because of all they had done to her, her heart whispers, yes.

I have to admit, Pieces of Granite (Coming Home, Prequel) and Chain of Mercy (Coming Home Book 1), are my favorites of the series.

*Pieces of Granite (Coming Home, Prequel)

When I was given the opportunity to read PIECES OF GRANITE by BRENDA S ANDERSON, I didn't hesitate. I loved her book CHAIN OF MERCY, and I do mean LOVED it. To be honest, once I realized it was going back in time, the excitement diminished a bit. I loved Ricky in CHAIN OF MERCY, yet I had read his story, and knew of his sister Debbie and her family. How would it be to hear about them after already experiencing their lives?

Debbie and Jerry Verhoeven are expecting their second child. One would think they would be overjoyed. Though Debbie may be, Jerry is not. Not only is he not happy about their new child, he is having serious issues knowing she will not be perfect.

I was not prepared to enjoy PIECES OF GRANITE as much as I did, knowing it was going back in time. I loved getting to see another part of Ricky. I was equally intrigued by Debbie and Jerry's neighbor, Lee. I'm secretly hoping there will be a story about him. I was totally engaged in Debbie and Jerry's life.

I cannot adequately express how amazing MS ANDERSON'S writing is. It is near flawless. What I find intriguing is how realistic her stories are. It sounds so basic, yet I never realized how difficult a task it must be to accomplish, because I cannot recall any other author that has written so accurately to every day life, and at the same time keep the story as equally engaging. The honesty and realism is off the charts. I often found myself shaking my head thinking wow; I have felt that or lived that. While reading PIECES OF GRANITE it came to mind that every parent needs to read this book.

Not only was I wrong about it being awkward to read about Ricky after having read his story in CHAIN OF MERCY, I am tempted to reread it, having fallen in love with him all over again in PIECES OF GRANITE.

*Chain of Mercy (Coming Home Book 1)

To say that CHAIN OF MERCY is the first, but not the last book I'll read by BRENDA S ANDERSON, is a huge understatement. If I were only allowed one word to describe this amazing book, it would have to be, WOW!

Richard Brooks is not who he appears to be. Not by a long shot. But that's intentional. He wants nothing more than to rid of the man he once was. Only problem is, he's everywhere he goes.

Sheila Peterson is intrigued by the handsome maintenance man. She never imagined she'd stoop so low as to go out with someone so beneath her, but he'd serve a purpose. Little did she realize what man was hidden behind the fa├žade.

Forgiveness is a huge element in CHAIN OF MERCY on many levels, but it is so much more. The characters, writing, and storyline are beyond amazing. It's not your typical, predictable novel. MS ANDERSON takes you on a journey with surprising twists and turns. Each of the characters is distinct, with tangible personalities. From the very first page, you will be pulled in, and absorbed into the lives of the characters. But it won't stop with the last word. No, CHAIN OF MERCY is bound to remain in your heart forever.

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