COPS AND ROBBERS - rough draft completed

Ashland McBride went from a difficult childhood, to an abusive marriage. When she discovers her husband’s been cheating, anger gives her the courage to leave. With only the items she can stuff into her truck, Ashland finds herself camping out in the parking lot of a condominium building. When a stranger discovers her sleeping in her truck, he gives her an ultimatum.

Shawn Pennington tries to convince Ashland she deserves to be loved. In the process she teaches Shawn to stay true to his faith. Ashland thought she knew which man was best for her, but God had a different plan.


DON'T WALK AWAY - Completed

Nathan McCray offers Sam Donavan a challenge she couldn’t refuse.

Not when winning would change her life…forever.

Sam Donavan home for the past year has been the streets. In the severe winter months she finds the local Laundromat, a place of refuge from the harsh weather as well as a place to rest her weary bones. The last thing she expected was to meet a handsome, wealthy man who offers her a challenge she’d be a fool not to take.

To Sam’s surprise, Nathan McCray makes it through living on the streets with her for twenty-four-hours. When it comes to her turn to live in his world, can she learn to trust God, and Nate enough to make it to the end?

Or will she let her foolish pride, and stubbornness ruin God’s will for her?

A song I found that fits my story.


FORGIVENESS - in the works

LOVE FINDS YOU IN HARTVILLE, WYOMING (If published by, Summerside Press) or COWBOY TAKE ME AWAY - in the works

Song that inspired my story.


MYLEE - tentative title - in the works


NAYA AND THE COWBOY - in the works

A hymn that is included in Naya and the Cowboy, along with a song that embodies the essence of the story.


STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART - rough draft completed


TREY'S PROMISE - in the works

A song that inspires my story.