Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy forth of July. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. For me and my family, we will be taking it easy around the house. My husband has to work, thus is the life of a fireman's wife. Next weekend our town has their fireworks, anyway.
My story, Hearts Crossing, is coming along slowly but surely. As with all my writing, it’ll be interesting to see where God takes it. With the sun shining outside (most days) and the kids off of school, I don’t get near as much done as I would otherwise. But I will continue to keep with my wimpy goal and do my best to at least produce two pages of fresh writing five days a week.

Yeah, I know that’s not much but I have to set a real enough goal that I can feel as though I will actually accomplish it. I’ve listened to Allie Plieter’s talk on more than one occasion about carving out time for writing. Ever since, I’ve struggled with what kind of writer I am and how much time can I devote to it. Am I big chunk person, or a small chunk person? Can I schedule a set amount of time daily to writing, or a set time? How many pages can I realistically do in a day, and how many days a week can I do them?

Kids, husband, working part-time, taking care of a house, fostering and the prison ministry all add to my jumbled life of a little here and a little there. But I trust God is shaping me and preparing me for my future as a writer in His own, all knowing ways.

So for today I don’t let the amount of time and work accomplished get me down, instead I go with what God grants me.

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