Friday, May 21, 2010


I just had to share this video with all you writers out there, whether published or not published. Though I have yet to have a novel published, I’ve heard of this scenario more then once. It can be a sad reality of the publishing world for many of us. Right now, I can only dream of one day being in this situation for that would mean that I had accomplished my goal of having a book published.

But that’s what I say now. I’m sure when the time comes, and I do feel from the dept of my soul that one day it will, I’ll feel differently when it’s I who sits and taps my pen awaiting the dream of an endless line of admiring fans.

Would that be so bad? I must say I would rather go through what Parnell Hall went through rather then never reached my dream of holding my own book in my hand. For no power, or fame, or money could ever replace that feeling.

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