Sunday, June 20, 2010


Let me just say that God is not only good, He is AMAZING! I’m weeping because I’m so not deserving of the love God has shown me. This is no doubt in my mind a direct gift from God. He knows my heart like no other, and thus gave me exactly what I needed…and my daughters.

Last night was our little birdies first night back into the wild. I feared for him, knowing he’d be easy prey for predators being on the ground, even though he was amongst the brush. We were ecstatic yesterday when we went back not once but twice to find our little friend still safe and sound right where we’d left him.

I prayed for him last night, as well as this morning. Since I first laid eyes on him he hasn’t strayed far from my mind. All of our hearts were invested in this little guy. For me, I longed for confirmation that I’d done the right thing…and what better confirmation then to know he’s with his mom, and safe.

Today after lunch we headed over to the park to see if our little guy was still amongst the brush…he was not. I told myself that it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. He could very well be safe, and sound...somewhere. But something in me wanted to, needed to continue to search. To know that he was okay. We whistled and called out but nothing. Just when we were ready to give up and go home, we heard him! That sweet little tweet.

The excitement we felt at that moment was nothing compared to what was to follow. We searched as we heard his tweets, though inconsistent as they were. Soon we realized his tweets were coming from above the brush area. I suddenly realized he could have very well jumped and fluttered his way up the newly sprouting tree, making his way to the larger one.

After searching, and searching, all along the mother flying from one tree branch to another, we still couldn’t see him. But we could hear him! Filled with excitement we decided to head home and get our binoculars for a better look in hope of spotting him. Just in case, I decided to bring along the camera.

Back with the binoculars, all three of us searched the tree, all along calling out to him. Sometime later, right there on a lower branch, right in front of us was our little friend! Oh the joy! I can’t tell you the emotions that raced through us.

He was there! Only God could have done such an amazing thing. I can’t help but wonder if he heard, and spotted us, and then came down to let us know he was okay. Tears are escaping my eyes as I write, for the emotions are so fresh and strong.

I will never forget what God had done for us. The true miracle He gave us. After talking to the little bird, and taking several pictures, he started to make his way up the tree, climbing and jumping, and flying short distances at a time. He made it quite high before we watched with awe as he flew from one tree to another with his mother right by his side as if she were ready to help if needed.

I took several more pictures before deciding it was time to go. We could now leave with our hearts filled with joy, knowing he was truly going to be okay.

Thank you God, for we are so undeserving of this miracle you decided to bless us with this day.


kathy taylor said...

He's beautiful, Kym. I wish I could hear him singing.

Kym McNabney said...

Kathy - He is so cute, and so sweet. It's so neat that we can actually tell it's him when he tweets. I could hardly believe he never once tried to peck at us, and actually few to us while in the kitchen at our house. He'd climb up our shirt to our shoulder. It's hard to believe he's from the wild. Even our pet bird was very leery of us for a couple of weeks, and pecked at us.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story. I just had to share what God did.



Marianne Evans said...

Awww, Kym! I have tears in my eyes reading this!! Thank you for sharing this awesome story!! Blessings to you and your family. You're right, God is sooooo good!

Kym McNabney said...

Marianne, thanks for taking the time to read our story about the bird we found and how God had His hands in it. It's such a blessing to share God's love and grace with other.