Monday, August 30, 2010


Wow, wow, and triple wow. MASKED BY MOONLIGT was the first book I read by Allie Pleiter, and it blew me away. I’ve since read the Kentucky Corners series, and though they were good, I longed for another MASKED BY MOONLIGHT. When I heard she was writing a sequel, I was overjoyed.

The cover captured me immediately and being a historical, well I just had to read it. But what I hadn’t expected was that THIS was the sequel to MASKED BY MOONLIGHT. You can’t imagine my excitement when I made the discovery.

MISSON OF HOPE was amazing! From the first page I was hooked, and from there it never stopped. There are books that you can barely make it through…ugh. There are books that you fly through. And then there are those like MISSON OF HOPE…ones you read purposefully slow, absorbing EVERY word because it’s that good.

As an inspiring writer I was blown away by Allie’s writing, the plot, and the wonderful characters. All of them captureD me, so realistic as if they would suddenly step out of the pages. I'm in awe of how she writes so completely different from the Kentucky Corners, to a Historical.

MISSON OF HOPE was based on the same concept as MASKED BY MOONLIGHT, though Allie was able to create a completely unique story with just the right touch of MASKED BY MOONLIGHT to connect the two.

I will miss Quinn, he’s such a neat characters.

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