Thursday, March 29, 2012


Title: A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island
Author: Cara C Putman
Publisher: Barbour Books (April 1, 2012)
Pages: 320

If you like a fun, contemporary, light mystery with a splash of suspense, then A WEDDING TRASPIRES ON MACKINAC ISLAND by CARA C. PUTMAN is a novel you’ll want to be sure to read.

Attorney Alanna Stone has avoided Mackinac Island, and the man she loved for over a decade. When her mother summons her back to that very place, she goes but not without trepidation. The man she loved had betrayed her, but he wasn’t the only reason she fled the Island. As luck would have it she bumps into Jonathan Covington shortly after arriving on Mackinac Island. Alanna soon finds herself in the mist of the very reason she stayed away from the Island for so long.

After Alanna left Mackinac Island, Jonathan lost interest in relationships. His heart was for one woman and one woman only…and she’d disappeared from his life long ago. Shocked to see Alanna return, he wonders if it’s too late for them.

Alanna and Jonathan have past issues that must be resolve before they can open their hearts to one another again...but with God, all things are possible.

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