Tuesday, January 1, 2013


  Connie (Sturm) Cameron has a gift for inspirational writing, touching the heart in a way that truly blesses the reader. Her Leaps of Faith weekly newspaper column is featured in five newspapers, where she shares her thoughts about life and her faith. Connie's latest book, a 365 daily devotional titled, Stories of Faith and Courage from Prison (AMG Publishers), is packed with moving testimonies of hope behind bars. Co-authored with Jeff Peck (formerly of Prison Fellowship International), their book has been endorsed by Chad Hovind, author of Godonomics, and Carol Kent, author of When I Lay My Isaac Down.

Dozens of Ms. Cameron's published works were compiled into her first book, God's Gentle Nudges: Inspirational Stories of How God Lovingly Leads us Closer to Him. Some of her hundreds of published writings include seven Chicken Soup for the Soul titles, Reader's Digest, and The War Cry. She has also been published in many Cup of Comfort titles, Guideposts' Extraordinary Answers to Prayer book, and God Allows U-Turns for Women, among others.

Connie served as a missionary in Kenya, leaving a part of her heart behind. She is a speaker and has been interviewed on television and radio. Connie was a featured author in The Christian Communicator (August 2008) and an instructor for the American Christian Writer's Conference. As an active board member of the Licking County Jail Ministries, Connie also enjoys visiting and writing female inmates. She resides in Ohio with her husband of almost 35 years, Chuck. Together they have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren.

Connie's latest book,

This inspirational book is a collection of true stories laid out in a daily format; one per day for 365 days. Each story will tell about a work of God in the lives of those who have experienced some aspect of prison. A single scripture verse will accompany each writing, pointing to the hope and truth found in God’s word.

While incarcerated, many inmates spiritually hit bottom and come face-to-face with the choices they have made. Thankfully, God uses Christian volunteers, prison chaplains, family members, outside friends, Christian pen pals, and other inmates, to share His love and truth with the lost behind bars. Regardless of how they are offered hope, inmate’s testimonies, along with their daily walk challenges, are moving and inspirational.

You will read amazing stories including Brandon, a prisoner who had a prayer warrior mother, and was also visited by a Christian volunteer. Brandon came to Christ while incarcerated, and witnessed constant gang activity behind bars, including preying upon the youth on the outside. Since his release, Brandon often risks his life in his ministry of intervening in the lives of youth who are at risk to become involved in gang activity.

The battle for the souls of inmates is fierce. One female prisoner said, “When I first arrived at prison in 2002, Christianity was openly practiced and Satanic practices were underground. Now it is just the opposite.” This inspirational book will remind Christians of their admonishment by Jesus to visit the imprisoned, to pray for them, and to share the gospel with them (Matthew 25:36). These collective, true stories will especially touch those who are uncomfortable with prison ministry, helping them to develop compassion for the shunned souls of society.

For more about Connie, or to order an autographed copy of her book, visit her website at, http://www.conniecameron.com/

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