Friday, November 22, 2013


Title: The Christmas Box
Author: Richard Paul Evans
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (October 9, 2012)
Pages: 87

Before I purchase or read a book that I purchased on a whim, I go to Amazon and read a few reviews. Typically, a couple of the five star as well as the one star reviews, getting a feel for both spectrums. The few negative/one star reviews that I read for THE CHRISTMAS BOX, didn’t deter me. Why they believe the book to not be good wasn’t concerning enough. The second thing I do is go inside the book and read a few paragraph to get a feel for the authors writing style.

If there was ever a book I was glad to have not been swayed by the bad reviews, it’s THE CHRISTMAS BOX by RICHARD PAUL EVANS. Wow! One would think it much easier to write a novella, but when in fact it’s harder. With a full-length novel, you have pages of words to convey your story. With a novella, not so much. It takes a skilled writer to pull off a novella that contains all the elements required to make a great story, and that’s exactly what RICHARD PAUL EVANS has accomplished in this wonderful short story.

Richard works hard to keep his family afloat with a shared business, while his wife cares for their soon-to-be four-year old daughter, Jenna. When his wife Keri spots an ad in the newspaper for a live-in family to make a lonely widow - Mary Perkins - meals, along with doing a few odd jobs, they are quick to apply, having outgrown their cramped apartment.

Richard and his family are quickly welcomed into Mary’s home where they soon become a family. There are secrets discovered in the attic, and even greater lessons to be learned.

THE CHRISTMAS BOX will keep your interest, wanting to read the next page before you’ve completed the one your reading. It will capture your heart, your soul, make you smile, and make you weep.

As I began to read THE CHRISTMAS BOX, I didn’t have high hopes for a well-rounded story with only 87 TINY pages. I certainly didn’t expect to be in awe of MR EVANS writing. But that’s exactly what happened. The way he strings words together with brilliant descriptions that flow naturally, is nothing short of amazing. RICHARD PAUL EVANS storytelling is of one that I will not only be reading to learn the craft of writing, but seeking out his future novels.

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