Friday, April 18, 2014


I started a tradition with my children years ago. Easter morning, after they’ve gone through their baskets to see what goodies Mr. Bunny brought, they look for eggs. The plastic kind you snap together. The kids love searching for them.

Early on, I got the idea to add money to the eggs. I had to remember how many eggs I’d hidden, so we knew if we found them all. This left a bit of wonder - how does mom know how many eggs the Easter Bunny left? Somehow, we managed to glide over the reality of that answer.

Each year I use the same coins I have in a jug in the corner of my room. Each year the kids count how much they have and trade them in for bills. Little did they know they were replenishing the supply for the next year.

 For years, the kids would open the eggs, dump out the coins, and leave me with two hundred egg halves. I’d stuff them in a bag, and back to storage they’d go. The following year, I’d spend more time then I cared, attempting to match the two egg halves. Not every egg is created equal, thus not fitting together. It wasn’t until recently I decided it was the kids job to put the eggs back together the same year, so the following year I wouldn’t have to search for the correct match to make a complete egg. Oh why, oh why, hadn’t I thought of this much sooner? It would have saved me so much time.

The Easter baskets my kids have are the same ones they’ve had for years. No matter the state they are in, they refuse to replace them.

After all, it THEIR basket … and tradition.

What Easter traditions do you have?

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Southern-fried Fiction said...

We used to hide the eggs, some real, in the yard. But after a couple of years of finding stinky eggs, we went to the all plastic kind. Our kids used to have such fun when a couple showed up months later. Of course the candy was a bit stale, but I used to hide tiny toys in them, a Hotwheels car, or some other trinket.

Now, the kids have kids and they continue the egg hunt.