Thursday, May 8, 2014



Title: Imogen’s Chance
Author: Paula Vince
Publisher: Even Before Publishing (April 1, 2014)
Pages: 228
I was both intrigued by the title, and that IMOGEN’S CHANCE was written by an author from Australia, PAULA VINCE.  IMGONE’S CHANCE is a unique story about regretful pasts that affect not just the life of one person, but of several.
Imogen Browne is haunted by a past she needs to right. Even if that means confronting it head on.
Asher Dorazio is faced with a crisis he never imagined he’d be faced with. One that sets him on a life-changing path.
Can Imogen and Asher come clean about their past, and have a future?
In reading IMOGEN’S CHANCE, I was both surprise and intrigued by the choices of words by an Australian author, something I’m not accustomed too. Having never heard of the name Imogen before coming across IMOGEN’S CHANCE, I researched it, and was further intrigued by the history behind the name. PAULA VINCE created a unique story, with witty lines, surprises and twists. 

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