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Title: Rusty Spigot, Dirty Water (An Introspective journey for the Offender.)

Title: Rusty Spigot, Dirty Water (An Introspective journey for the Offender.)
Author: Michael Farlin
Publisher: WestBowPress (January 14, 2014)
Pages: 108

I wasn’t sure what I was in for when I ran across RUSTY SPIGOT, DIRTY WATER (AN INTROSPECTIVE JOURNEY FOR THE OFFEREND) by MICHAEL FARLIN. What I soon discovered is a treasure. Not only for those that are incarcerated, but those that have been, about to be, involved in the ministry, and for those that know of someone in any of the above situations.

RUSTY SPIGOT, DIRTY WATER may be only 108 pages, but don’t let the amount fool you. It’s packed with honest life perspective on having been incarcerated. I have many highlights and notes throughout.

A few notes I took along the way:

-An honest account, in a realist way on prison, life, and faith.
-Speaks straight talk. No fancy words or dancing around the facts.
-Persevere over the discouragement and disappointments. It will all be worth it.
-Straight truth without being preachy.
-Because MR FARLIN has been incarcerated, and not afraid to speak honestly, makes it very powerful. 

I highlighted several powerful insights throughout the book. Here are just a couple:

Page 44-45 – “All Jesus is asking is that you believe in Him, His truth and power and His ability to take your life into a whole different reality that it is now. It can and will happen, but you have to do your part.”

Page 66-67 – “If you can get clean and mean it, do it! It will get messy, but that’s because you may not know how to handle life when your mind is not altered. Getting clean and sober in prison was the best place to do so.”

MICHAEL FARLIN also is a speaker. I am excited to meet and hear him in person at our monthly prison and jail gathering at the church I attend. I am ordering several copies of RUSTY SPIGOT, DIRTY WATER to share with others. Those in the ministry as well as those that are incarcerated. If you know of someone that is incarcerated or in the ministry, this wonderful book will make a great gift that may open one’s eyes and change lives, possibly even saving one.

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