Friday, August 28, 2015


Title: Wish You Were Here
Author: Beth K Vogt
Publisher: Howard Books; First Edition edition (May 1, 2012)
Pages: 336

There are many ways that one comes across a book, and one of those ways is by recommendation of another. That is exactly what happened with WISH YOU WERE HERE by BETH K VOGT.

At a writing meeting I attended, a guest author and Brainstorm/Huddle Coach, spoke highly of WISH YOU WERE HERE.  So much so, when I returned home I went online and purchased a copy. She spoke of the brilliant way she structured the story and the plot, despite the fact she didn’t care for the ending.

There was nothing fairy tale about Allison Denman’s walk down the aisle. In fact, you might say it was downright disastrous. Kissing her future husbands brother days before their wedding was neither in her plans nor a good idea. Seth Rayner is all Allison has ever known. Yet it is his brother Daniel that has her dreaming things she never imagined before.

Aside from MS VOGT being a wonderful writer, accurately incorporating every element needed to write a great story, I believe this has to be the first romance I’ve read that I was truly stumped at the outcome. For some time I thought I knew, then it became unclear, then it made sense, and in the end being something else...kind of. I take my hat off to MS VOGT for being able to pull off such an accomplishment.

I feel blessed to have read WISH YOU WERE HERE. As a writer, I learned a lot. I really enjoyed the story, and if there were anything I would change, perhaps it might be the ending. However, to be honest, I was okay with it. 

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