Monday, June 29, 2009


Today we'll be going to the pet store to see if the baby rats that are in will be going home with us. My middle daughter is very excited to go and see them. My oldest daughter came home with two a few days ago, and they are so playful and cute, it's hard not to pick them up. I’ve never had male rats, so this will be a new experience for us all. That being said, the other two we’ll be getting will be females.

She fondly named them, Ralphie and Dumbo. Ralphie, after the mouse in the movie my daughter had recently watched, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, and Dumbo, of course after the Disney character. By they way, he does have Dumbo ears! He’s so cute!

Adding the new additions to our family has reminded me of the article I had published several years ago, Star of the Pet Shop. They are truly great pets. If ever you’re looking for a smaller pet, please consider owing a pet rat. Just make sure to get them when their really young, and do some reading up on owning them before making your purchase.

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