Sunday, September 6, 2009


I never thought I'd own a pet bird but now I'm an official bird owner. I've always been fascinated by birds. Loved their singing and chirping. Always found it to be very peaceful and soothing.

But owning one...that's a whole other thing.

My middle daughter, my huge animal lover of all animals, wanted a bird in the worst way. We went to Tennessee a few years back and visited, Parrott Mountain. Since them my interest in birds spiked, as did her.

After weeks or researching different kinds of birds and asking anyone and everyone I found that owned a bird about their experience and what kind they owned, I finally made the decision to purchase a feathered friend.

So now we have, Coco the Cockatiel. The first two weeks were a little rough. They told us it would take about two weeks for the bird to become comfortable in his/her new surrounding and to bond with someone. Birds bond with one person, though they can be friendly to others as long as you handle them a lot and have them around others, often.

I was afraid that since I was the one home all day and cleaning out the cage, etc., that the bird would bond to me. My daughter would not be happy if that happened. After all, we did get the bird for her. Coco would first protest being held by pecking at you, and this sent my daughter over the edge. She thought the bird hated her.

Thank goodness, about two weeks into having our new addition to our home, Coco quickly became my daughter’s BEST friend. Oh was she happy…we all were. She walked around for weeks saying, “I can’t believe I have a bird”. Now you should see them. She can do anything thing to this bird! She kisses it, even Eskimo kisses, gives it “baths”, takes it on car rides, watches TV with it, and even takes it to watch her sister’s ball games. You should see the looks we get.

At the ripe old age of eight, my daughter dreams of one day being a Veterinarian at a zoo while she lived on a ranch. She wants to be able to be in the mist of ALL types of animals!

Coco is great fun, I must admit. Coco and my daughter whistle from one room to the other at one another. He/she (not sure which, yet) actually gets excited when she comes into the room. Coco runs down the side of the cage, ready for her to take him/her out.

Another bird just may be in our future!

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