Tuesday, November 24, 2009



I’m repeatedly amazed each time my church incorporated those from the congregation to be baptized during the service. Each time I find myself fighting back the tears. So, when they announced they’d be not just baptizing during one weekend service, but for two consecutive weekends, I thought I was prepared.

The first Sunday I had forgotten they were going to be doing the baptisms. They’d only just begun when tears began to sting my eyes. I blinked, and blinked, but still they threatened to escape. Just when I thought I had it under control, the word of the song being sung sank into my soul, threatening to fill it so full it would burst.

As each person stood next to a pastor or leader of the church, you could see the emotions play out across their face as words were repeated to them, confirming what they were about to do before God and the entire congregation. As they were dipped backward in to the crystal blue water then brought back up, you felt the transformation. There was joy, and tears, and celebration.

Though there were many that were going through the processes, each seemed to reach up to my very soul and grab hold. With each person I relived my own journey from being baptized to where I am now and with that the unshed tears threatening to escape. As the congregation continues to sing songs of worship, I could not for I was too filled with emotions to form the words.

By the time the baptisms were completed, I was an emotional wreck.

The following week I walked into the auditorium, took my usual seat and waited for the service to begin. I had completely forgotten it was the second weekend of the baptisms. Oh well, I should be fine for I had witnessed it only last weekend.

When they began my emotions were no less held together then the week before. Once again I was filled with joy, love, hope, thankfulness…WOW, God is good! What a blessing to witness such an amazing experience.

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