Thursday, November 19, 2009


The dreaded DEADLINE!

Here I was worried about meeting a deadline, when the time finally arrives and I hit the jackpot, receiving a contact to publish my book. With my busy, busy life I often wondered how on earth I’d be able to meet such a said time frame.

Over the past few months I’ve entered a couple of contest, and given a couple of assignments for my church blog. And with them came the dreaded DEADLINE! But to my surprise, I was able to meet them. And to my even bigger surprise, I discovered that in not having a deadline, I was lost…not as focused on writing.

Writing is a discipline. A discipline one needs to learn and maintain in order to get the job done…or in this case, the story completed.

Oh, how the story burns inside me but to my horror, I’ve discovered I need to go back to square one, so to speak. Get down the basics. I can feel I’m on the verge of connecting the dots, if you will. And once I do…watch out!

So for now, I’m a bit lost/setback. But never fear, once again I’ve gained a bit more knowledge…I can and will meet a deadline!

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