Friday, December 18, 2009


In 2005 I made the decision to foster dogs in my home. I was a mother of young children, a husband with a crazy work schedule, working two jobs and not having much money, yet I wanted to do something to help our furry four legged friends.

My first thought was to volunteers at a shelter but my husbands schedule wouldn’t allow it. I then came across the idea to foster in my own home. Having had a Collie for twelve years, I new what breed I would chose. With three young children and a dog of my own, I knew that Collies were the breed to go with. My own, Sam, was the gentlest dog I’d ever known. I felt sure that bringing another Collie into my home would be a safe bet for my kids.

I soon started searching the internet and came across Collie Rescue. Not long after, I was fostering my very first Collie Rescue dog, Jack. Things went well, and what a treat it is to know that you’re helping a dog to find a new forever home.

Not long after my first Collie Rescue dog, my father called me up to enlist my help. While out walking his dog, a German Shepherd followed him home. That in it’s self is a long story I’ll save for another blog entry with a wonderful ending.

Since I started fostering for Collie Rescue, including the Shepherd that followed my father home, I’ve fostered eleven dogs in all. Each one has been a similar, yet unique experience. I’ve certainly been blessed over the years by the animals God has brought into my life, so fostering has given me a way to give back.

Our latest foster was our youngest and only second puppy we fostered, Clyde. Oh what a treat that was. Though he was a Collie mix, his personality and temperament was ALL Collie. He reminded me so much of the Collie we had for nearly thirteen years.

If you feel lead to help dogs that would otherwise be placed in a shelter, contact Collie Rescue and see if fostering would be a good fit for you. Or if you’re looking for a Collie, please consider adopting one from Collie Rescue, rather then purchasing one from a breeder.

Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois,

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