Friday, February 12, 2010


DEAR JOHN, wow! This is only the second book I've read by Nicholas Sparks, the first being A WALK TO REMEMBER. And thought A WALK TO REMEMBER was good and one of my favorite movies, it was nothing compared to DEAR JOHN. Then again I imagine it didn't help that I watched A WALK TO REMEMBER several times before I read the book, and that the book was very different, yet the same if that makes sense, then the movie.

After reading DEAR JOHN, I now realize what all the hype is about Nicholace Sparks'. This book was well written and so much more. I was down to the last hundred or so pages when I slipped under my covers around ten PM.

I could not stop! I had to know what happened. When I finally turned the last page, through tears, I read the clock on my headboard. It was two AM.

ROMANCE: Oh yea, it has it. Loved that the POV was John's. What a remarkable character transformation.

GROWTH: That too. John went from a self-centered adolescent to a caring, loving, selfless man.

WARMTH: How could one not feel all warm and fuzzy inside experiencing John's love for Savannah, as well as for his father?

The next morning I felt as though my life had been alter just a bit because of John's story. Honestly, I wanted nothing more than to sit down and start from page one, rereading each and every word. For now, as a writer, I've been inspired and challenged with a jolt. Its novels like these that are at the heart of where I strive to one day be as a writer.

I'm excited to see the movie, DEAR JOHH but will need to let the written words sink in and settle, first. I don't think I can handle the movie just yet. My emotions are still reeling from the written words.

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