Thursday, July 22, 2010


What's with the picture...a glimpse into my novel!

In only a few short months I’ll be attending my very first writing conference. This year the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference is in Indianapolis, Indiana; Friday, September 17th - Monday, September 20th. Being only a few hours away, how could I pass up the opportunity?

I’m excited for many reasons:

-This is my very first writing conference.
-I’ll be rooming with my mentor.
-I’ll be driving with three other members.
-I’ll be attending some great workshops.
-I have an appointment with an agent!
-I have an appointment with an editor!
-I’ll have a chance to meet many authors…maybe even some of my favorites.
-I’m getting closer to my dream of one day being published…I can feel it.
-I’m getting my manuscript and one sheet ready to promote.

Though there are days, even weeks when I’ve questioned my desire to one day be published, God keeps nudging me forward. I truly believe in God’s whispers, which he often does, though it doesn’t always come in a whisper. Sometimes He shouts.

Just when I start to feel numb to the idea of writing, God places someone or something in my path that clearly tells me to continue, not to give up. So I keep writing, and what a wonderful journey it’s been. So much learning, good times, great people, and opportunities.

Who knows in the end where I’ll land in this wonderful world of pen to paper, filled with words? What I do know is that as long as God places the passion and desire in me, I’ll continue to follow His lead and write!


kathy taylor said...

Kym, I hope I get to meet you! This is my first ACFW conference also.

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Hi Kym! I attended my first ACFW conference last year in Denver and I have to say it was one of my best experiences ever. I've been counting the days until the next one. Hope to meet you in Indy!

techranger said...

Good luck and have fun... God be with you and may He open a lot of doors for you in His service and for His glory. God bless!


Kym McNabney said...


That would be great if we get to meet. Being our first time will make it all the more special.



Kym McNabney said...


I would have LOVED to have gone to Denver but the timing wasn't right. I was very excited when I found out this year it was so close. I bet this time will be even better for you, now that you know what to expect.

Hope to see you there.


Kym McNabney said...


Thanks much!



Beth K. Vogt said...

Hi, Kym, I'll be at ACFW too! Looking forward to meeting you. ACFW is a great conference--everyone is so friendly and encouraging.

Kym McNabney said...


Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you as well. I can't wait! I have a feeling God is going to do some amazing things. Of course he always does.