Thursday, January 12, 2012

DEB and DI'S

I happened to find myself in the tiny town of Rushville, Illinois, and stopped to eat at a family style restaurant, Deb and Di’s. Little did I know it would be a scene right out of one of my very own novels in the making, NAYA AND THE COWBOY!

The atmosphere was amazing, though in my story the café’s interior was different, what was the same was the small hometown feeling from the people working there to the customers both young and old, coming and going. I felt as though I were intruding on a family gathering at ones home, yet welcomed with open arms as an old friend. A strange combination of emotions for sure.

The food was great as well as the service and atmosphere. I only wish I lived close enough to become a frequent visitor. As a writer, I couldn’t have asked for a better muse for my story. It was as though a scene from my novel suddenly materialized.

So if you happen to be near Rushville, Illinois, do yourself a favor and stop in Deb and Di’s for a dining experience straight out of a western or modern day sweet, hometown story.

Please do not copy and or use picture from this site without obtaining permission from Deb and Di’s directly.

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