Saturday, January 28, 2012


Title: Falling for the Fireman
Author: Allie Pleiter
Publisher: Love Inspired; Large Print edition (January 24, 2012)
Pages: 224

As a wife of a firefighter, FALLING FOR THE FIREMAN by ALLIE PLEITER caught my attention. It wasn’t just the cover or the title, but the author herself. I’m a huge fan of the historicals she’s written.

Jeannie Nelworth knows all too well the devastating consequences of a fire. After a fire took her home, her son started acting out. Lucky for Jeannie, Fire Marshall Chad Owens spots the distress in her son’s eyes and offers to help

If there’s one thing Chad Owens is good at, it’s distancing himself from others. Especially women. After all he’d let his fiancĂ©e down in the worst possible way.

Typical of Allie Pleiter’s writing, she made me laugh. I was in awe of the great lines she came up with, something she never fails to deliver in each story she writes. I was amazed at the depth of each character’s unique circumstance as well as fascinated by the facts she touches on.

It’s not too often that I walk away from reading a Love Inspired story feeling enriched by the subject matter. The Chinese lanterns were especially interesting, and such a neat touch to the story. I also commend her for bringing to light the different affects a fire can have in one’s life, not taking the typical route with the characters in regards to their situation.

For such a small book, ALLIE PLEITER packed it full of information and unique situations.

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