Sunday, May 13, 2012


Title: Grieving God’s Way, The Path to Lasting Hope and Healing
Author: Margaret Brownley and Haiku by Diantha Ain
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (July 10, 2012)
Pages: 224

I decided to read GRIEVING GOD’S WAY by MARGARET BROWNLEY not because I was grieving a loved one, but for a greater understanding of what others go through. Though I know it’s inevitable that one day I too will grieve a loved one and therefore benefit from MS. BROWNLEY’S book, I never imagined the connection to the ministry I’m involved with.

I volunteer in the prison and jail ministry through my church. When one has a loved one incarcerated, and especially with a very long or life sentence, one goes through a grieving process.

To call GRIEVING GOD’S WAY a devotional is limiting. It’s packed full of insight and honest emotions on handling death, as well as a great tool for going through hardships. This wonderful devotional teaches you not only is it okay to grieve, but expected. Though everyone’s grieving is unique, there is a process. A process we must go through to come out on top and not stuck in the depths of despair.

From page 90, Day 42:

“The world as we know it has ended, and all we want to do is hibernate. If we give into the weight of depression our souls will crumble. If we hold on to our pain too long we will be crushed.”

MS. BROWNELY has opened her heart up to readers, sharing her journey of the loss of her son. Unfortunately the older we get, the more we experience death. I recommend that everyone gets a copy of this amazing book so they can be better prepared to support friends as well as equip themselves for when the time comes that they too lose someone.


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Thanks for stopping by, Soraya. Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day as well.