Monday, August 20, 2012


Title: Her Homecoming Cowboy

Author: Debra Clopton
Publisher: Love Inspired (July 24, 2012)
Pages: 224

Wow, what a great story. One would think a person could only read so many of what I like to call “Cowboy stories”. I don’t know if I’d ever tire of them…as long as they are well written, with a fresh plot and characters, and that is exactly what DEBRA CLOPTON has accomplished in HER HOMECOMING COYBOY.

Annie Ridgeway has wrestled with the idea long enough. Now she needs to act on it, even if it goes against her sisters dying wish. Even if it means picking up what little she has and moving near the cowboy in question.

When a woman with a kid shows up in Colt Holden’s life, the last thing he expects is to discover he’s the kid’s father. The kid may think of him as his bull riding hero, but Colt isn’t worthy to be call his daddy. Not when he’d committed such a horrible act. One he couldn’t forgive himself for.

I’ve read every single book by MS CLOPTON. Each is just as good as the next. Her characters are unique, with well thought-out situations. She always has that right amount of tension between the hero and heroine. I marvel at the great lines she delivers.

Page 144:

“When Annie stepped into view, her silken golden hair glistening, his stomach tightened, his heart suddenly plunged to his boots, and his hands dampened. He knew without calling the doctor that he had a major aliment.

Oh yeah, he was sick all right. Sick in the head. What had he been thinking? That she was beautiful, full of fire and coals, and spunk.”

Okay, I’m ready for the next one. Bring it on.

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