Thursday, October 11, 2012


The current novel I’m working on is titled, DON’T WALK AWAY. Being the huge music lover I am, I decided to see if there was a song with the same title. To my surprise there were several. I listened to each of them until I came across one I thought fit my story.

"Don't Walk Away"

By the Moffatts

Look in my eyes and let the moment begin

You make me feel like I can do anything

One look fron you just sends my troubles away

What I would do, to be with you


Don't walk away

Why don't you stay I've been waiting for somebody like you

Please don't walk away

Why won't you stay

That you're ready and you're feelin' it too

Cause if it's love If it's love

Then don't walk away I wanna show you I've got nothing to hide

Don't be afraid of what you're feeling inside

Deep in my heart there is nobody but you

What I would do, to be with you


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