Friday, January 18, 2013


Title: Waiting for Spring

Author: Amanda Cabot
Publisher: Revell (January 1, 2013)
Pages: 400

WAITING FOR SPRING is not the first book I’ve read by AMANDA CABOT. It is however the second in the Westward Winds series. I really liked SUMMER OF PROMISE, but I have to say I loved WAITING FOR SPRING.

Charlotte Harding has secrets that she and her son’s life depend on remaining undiscovered. She may never remarry, but she doesn’t intend to stop living.

Barrett Landry has it all. A woman that is said to be his perfect match, a cattle ranch and a mansion, and is even being recommended to run for senator. When he meets the beautiful Madame Charlotte, he begins to question his decision to ask the woman he’s courting to marry.

It’s not often that I run across an author that I like the first book I read of hers just fine, but when I read another I’m blown away. I read WAITING FOR SPRING slowly, indulging in the magnificent writing. I read it at a quick pace, needing to find out what happens next. The writing is amazing, the storyline intriguing, as the characters leap off the pages. I was taken aback by the countless unique and well written lines.

I loved the hero as well as the heroine, but that’s not all that unusual. But what is is to have so many emotions towards the antagonist. Seriously, I really felt for the man. Then there’s Charlotte’s good friend, Gwen. I was kept guessing what would become of the two. MS CABOT did an excellent job with all the characters, bringing them to life and giving them each their own unique story.

WAITING FOR SPRING is a wonderful romance, filled with suspense, drama, and uniqueness. Having Charlotte’s son blind, added an exclusive addition to the story. I couldn’t help but wonder what a blind child, as well as the parents of such a child, might go through.

WAITING FOR SPRING has convinced me to put MS CABOT on my list of favorite authors. I’ll be looking forward to more stories by her in the future.

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Amanda Cabot said...

Kym -- I'm absolutely delighted that you liked Waiting for Spring enough to recommend it. And, of course, I'm thrilled that you've put me on your list of favorite authors. What an honor!