Monday, May 6, 2013


Title: Winning Him Without Words
Author: Lynn Donovan and Dineen Miller
Publisher: Regal (February 15, 2011)
Pages: 208

WINNING HIM WITHOUT WORDS by LYNN DONOVAN AND DIANEE MILLER, came to me in a rather unique way. In reading DIANEE MILLER’S book, THE SOUL SAVER, which was amazing, I learned of WINNING HIM WITHOUT WORDS.

WINNING HIM WITHOUT WORDS is a must read for those that are married to a spouse that is a non-believe or one that may believe, yet doesn’t live their life for the Lord. This book is instrumental in bringing peace to those who feel they are alone in a mismatched relationship.

With ten key points to guide you through your mismatched marriage, WINNING HIM WITHOUT WORDS is a great tool for gaining peace, love, acceptance, and purpose. Not only will your marriage be enhanced by this amazing book, so will your life as you learn how you can be instrumental in God’s work in regards to your spouse.
There’s even a website for the spiritually unequal married, a wonderful place where you can be encouraged and uplifted at, spiritually unequal marriage dot com. Through WINNING HIM WITHOUT WORDS, I was introduced to another book that has been a tremendous help, BOUNDARIES, by DR HENRY CLOUD and Dr JOHN TOWNSEND.

10 Key points:

1)    Commit to Christian community.

2)    Don’t save your husband, save yourself.

3)    Stay connected to your man.

4)    Discover the essentials to love.

5)    Believe your marriage is blessed.

6)    Trade perfection for authentic.

7)    Pick and choose your battles.

8)    Cherish each new season.

9)    Put on the armor of God.

10) Pray the most dangerous prayer.

You may think you are alone is this big world in regards to being married to one that does not share the same beliefs as you, but it just isn’t so. What a blessing it is to be able to read about others going through the same journey as you.

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