Friday, January 24, 2014


Title: Match Made in Texas
Author: Karen Witemeyer, Mary Connealy, Regina Jennings, Carol Cox
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers (January 7, 2014)
Pages: 384

Novellas are not my preference in reading, but if one of my favorite authors is part of a collection in a book, then I’m all in. That is the only way I’d purchase one. Yet I have to say it can have a benefit, and that being every now and again I’m introduced to an author I have yet to have read, and enjoy.


To date, I have read every book KAREN WITEMEYER has written. She is the reason for requesting A MATCH MADE IN TEXAS - without hesitation, I might add. If you have not read the previous novels about the Archer brothers, you simply much. After reading the first, I couldn’t wait to read about the remaining clan.

Though THE COWBOY UNMACHED was not long enough – novella rarely are – MS WITEMEYER did an amazing job. A novella is one of the hardest things to write, to be able to accomplish a complete story that is believable. As the case with all of MS WITEMEYER’S stories, the writing is beyond great, the characters fully developed, believable, and likeable. Maybe a more accurate word then “likeable” would be in love with the hero, and thoroughly enjoy the heroine. The storyline is believable and captivating. She does an amazing job of bringing a story with so few words, to life. If I had to name a weakness, it would be that it left me wanting more.

Neill Archer comes faced to face with a shotgun when he answers a mysteriously ad left in his Bible while attending service. The old widow he expects to find in need of help is not what he anticipates.

Clara Danvers isn’t about to trust any man, and that includes the one who showed up on her doorstep, claiming to answer an ad in the paper she has no recollection of placing. When she discovered that an undisclosed person sent the man to repair her roof at their cost, she doesn’t have much choice but to allow him to do so. 


Reading an authors work for the first time can be either a disaster or blessing. If not for making the decision to read A MATCH MADE IN TEXAS because of one of my favorite authors, I may not have encountered REGINA JENNINGS writing. MS JENNINGS style is what I seek. Her pace and storyline are well done. The hero was a bit standoffish, hard to warm up to in the beginning, but a great character just the same. I love the storyline, unique and captivating. MS JENNINGS did a wonderful job with the realism of the romance blossoming over a short period. My only complaint would be it ended too suddenly, yet that’s expected with a novella.

Clayton Weber’s past has shaped him into a man that prefers to keep to himself. He slipped into Dry Gulch, Texas, with no intentions of staying much longer then to meet his current need and move on. When a mysterious ad lands in his hands, it’s an answer to his prayers for a chance to earn some money so he can be on his way.

Grace O’Malley’s life is turned upside down, as her eyesight begins to decline. Left with limited vision, knowing that will soon be taken away, she has no choice but to leave the job she loves and move into seclusion. What she doesn’t expect, is to encounter a man who is willing to love her in spite of her failing sight.


CAROL COX is another author I may not have had the pleasure of reading if not for the collection of novellas in A MATCH MADE IN TEXAS. Her writing is wonderful. The plot intriguing. I loved the characters storyline, though I would have liked a deeper point-of-view for both the hero and the heroine. The romance was not as believable as in the previous two stories, one of the greatest challenges of pulling off a novella.

Lucy Benson, is left with only a few dresses after her father passes away, taking with him everything they owned. With her best friend about to marry, it’s time Lucy moves on. An ad for a live-in companion for an elderly widow seems to be an answered prayer.

Andrew Simms mothers mind appears to be failing. With his own business taking off, he needs someone to watch over her on the ranch. Little does he expect that person to be a beautiful, refine woman. One who can’t brew a pot of tea.

SPOILER ALERT – kind of.


Again, I’ve been introduced to a “new” author in reading A MATCH MADE IN TEXAS. Before reading MEETING HER MATCH, I had not read any of MS CONNEALY’s writing.  She has woven a unique story, with interesting characters.

Hannah Taylor, unbeknownst to others, has been meddling in their lives.  Yet, in good a way. After all three parties married as a result of her interfering, she never imagined that the tables would turn, and she would be a “victim” of a matchmaking scheme.

Marcus “Mark” Whitfield, shy banker, is anything but graceful when it comes to being in the presence of Hannah Taylor. She has no idea his feeling for her, and not able to put them into words, what does he do? - He kisses her. 


Linda Glaz said...

These sound great!

Kym McNabney said...

They were. The authors did an amazing job with so little words. I found a few new authors to love.